Two-Vehicle Crash at Sacramento Intersection Sends Two to a Hospital

Accident at Eastern Avenue Intersection Injures Several People

A two-vehicle crash in Sacramento on January 11 sent two people to the hospital. The collision happened around 10:35 a.m. at the intersection of Eastern and Robertson avenues in the Arden-Arcade area between a Toyota Camry and a red sedan. The incident report filed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that a passenger in one of the vehicles was trapped inside. 

Intersection Two-Vehicle Crash Blocks Eastern Avenue

Firemen and medics with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to extricate the trapped passenger, which blocked the southbound lanes and several people were taken to the hospital. At least one of the vehicles had to be towed from the scene. The accident is being investigated by the CHP to find out how it occurred and to assign fault.

Intersections Are Common Locations for a Two-Vehicle Crash

Intersections are where more than half of all traffic collisions occur. This is easy to understand since they are where motor vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists and pedestrians all converge. However, most of the time, a two-vehicle crash is caused by negligence, including the following:

  • Red-light runners: Drivers who run a red light or stop sign are probably the most common cause of an intersection accident involving two vehicles. 
  • Speeding: A speeding driver often runs a red light or causes a rear-end collision because they are going too fast to stop in time to avoid an accident.
  • Distracted driving: The distracted driver is usually texting while driving but may be adjusting the radio, accessing GPS, or other activities. It takes about five seconds to write and send a text. However, a vehicle can travel as far as the length of a football field in that short amount of time.
  • Drunk driving: Drunk drivers exhibit poor judgment, reduced reflexes, problems tracking with their eyes and other deficits that affect their ability to drive safely.
  • Fatigued driving: A driver who is too tired to be behind the wheel of a car exhibits deficits similar to those of someone who is inebriated. This makes them a danger to others who are sharing the roadway.
  • Making an unsafe turn: Drivers who make a left turn just as the arrow changes to red risk being struck by oncoming traffic. Those who turn right tend to focus on their left for oncoming vehicles but don’t check for pedestrians stepping off the curb or bicyclists.
  • Government negligence: When potholes, malfunctioning traffic lights, missing signs, overgrown shrubs or other problems lead to a two-vehicle crash, the government entity in charge of maintenance can be held responsible for the injury.
  • Defective auto parts: There are times when a defective tire, brakes or other auto part can lead to an accident. In these cases, the manufacturer may be held liable by filing a product liability lawsuit. Since a defective part was possibly the cause of your collision, retaining the vehicle so it can be examined is important.

Recovering Compensation Following a Two-Vehicle Crash

Because a two-vehicle crash can result in serious injuries, recovering compensation from the at-fault party can be important. Otherwise, the injured person can face high medical bills and lost wages from the inability to work. We believe it is bad enough to be injured by a negligent driver or other entity in the first place. The injured person should not have to bear the financial harm caused by the accident and deserves to be reimbursed for their pain and suffering. 

Over the years, my law office has successfully obtained fair compensation for our clients in auto accidents many times. We offer a free, no-obligation review of your case, can answer your questions, and will tell you what options are available to recover damages.  

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