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Two People Hospitalized in Sacramento Following Rollover Accident

Extrication Required for Two Injured People After Sedan Rolls Over on I-80

A Sacramento rollover accident on June 24 caused the hospitalization of two patients after they had to be extricated from their vehicle. The collision occurred along westbound I-80 close to Marysville Boulevard around 10:20 in the morning. The activity log of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated the accident may have been caused by a sideswipe by a box truck or big rig. However, no other vehicles remained at the accident scene, nor were they found further down the highway. 

Emergency Responders Extricate Two Injured Patients from Vehicle After Rollover Accident

Emergency responders from the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene and extricated two people from the vehicle. After it was determined by medics that they had suffered injuries, they were taken to a nearby hospital. The lanes were reported as clear a short time after 11:00 a.m. The accident continues to be under investigation by the CHP to find out how it occurred.

Reasons Why a Rollover Accident Occurs

Rollovers are among the most dangerous types of accidents and frequently occur with SUVs, light trucks, and vans. This is because these vehicles have a higher center of gravity, which means they can roll over more easily. However, given the right circumstances, any vehicle can be involved in a rollover. Some of the reasons these accidents happen include:

  • The driver loses control of the vehicle: When a driver loses control of their vehicle for any reason, they will tend to overcorrect. This imbalance changes the vehicle’s center of gravity, resulting in an overturned vehicle.
  • Vehicle defects: A car that suddenly experiences a blowout or has problems with the brakes, accelerator, or steering can result in an overturned vehicle accident. In cases where a defective part caused the accident, the injured party may claim compensation from the manufacturer or others by placing a product liability claim. Retaining the vehicle so it can be checked for defects is important.
  • Negligent upkeep of the roadway: Government entities charged with the maintenance of roadways and their surrounding areas can be negligent in their upkeep, which can cause a rollover accident. Road problems such as potholes, upheavals, old guardrails, and debris can cause a vehicle to crash. So can poor lighting at night, foliage that has overgrown, so drivers have no clear view of traffic and others. When a government entity is responsible for a rollover accident, it can be held liable for injuries or fatalities. Because the statute of limitations is shorter in filing against a government entity, enlisting the help of an injury attorney is a good move.
  • Aggressive or hit-and-run drivers: An aggressive or hit-and-run driver can force another motorist off the road or crowd them, so they attempt an emergency maneuver to get away. By checking the roadway for signs of another driver, looking for area surveillance cameras, and performing accident reconstruction, our investigators can determine if an outside influence caused a collision. 

Following a Rollover Accident

When an accident injury may have been caused by an outside influence, our investigators can determine this. Over the years, we’ve successfully handled compensation claims for our clients against hit-and-run or aggressive drivers, government entities, and manufacturers for product defects. We offer a free consultation to answer your questions, tell you whether you have a case and what options are available for you to recover damages.

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