Two Injured in Ukiah Area Crash

Two Injured in Ukiah Area Crash

Two Injured in Ukiah Area Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Ukiah personal injury lawyer. Local authorities reported that two people suffered injuries during a crash that occurred near Ukiah in the late hours of the morning on Thursday, July 26, 2018. Officials from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that the collision involved two-vehicles and took place on a highway location to the south of the city. Officers also stated that responders at the accident scene needed to extricate one woman from her vehicle. According to reports from medical officials, one of the injured people received serious injuries. The other individual reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Accident Information

CHP indicated that the accident took place on Highway 101 south of Ukiah in the area of Green Bridge. Officials said that the crash happened shortly before 10:00 a.m. and involved two sedans, one black, and the other grey. Details about the event leading to the crash have not been reported so far. Photos taken at the accident scene show major damage to the drivers’ side of the black sedan as well as the front-end of the other vehicle.


According to reports, CHP, Hopland Fire Department (HFD), Cloverdale Fire Department, and Cal Fire all assisted in responding to the crash. HFD Chief Mitch Franklin said that firefighters at the scene of the accident discovered one woman trapped inside the black sedan and extricated her from the vehicle using the Jaws of Life. After extrication, the woman was put on a medical helicopter and rushed to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital to receive emergency treatment. Updates on the woman’s condition have not yet been made available.

It was not reported whether or not the injured driver of the other sedan was given medical care for their injuries.


CHP has reported that they are still in the process of investigating this crash. So far, officers haven’t stated what factors, if any, they suspect to have caused the crash. Crashes such as this one are frequently caused by factors such as driving while distracted, medical emergencies, intoxicated drivers, faulty vehicle parts, and more.

Receiving Compensation

When people are injured in car accidents, it can mean serious financial difficulties for them and their family. Injured individuals usually have medical bills to worry about and, in many cases, may need extensive therapy in order to return to their normal lives. In addition to these expenses, many injured individuals need to take time off work in order to recover and some are left unable to perform tasks that their job requires. All of these factors together can cause a lot of stress, and many are often unsure of how they will be able to meet their financial needs.

For these reasons, those injured in auto accidents caused by negligent parties such as reckless drivers are usually able to claim money to pay for their losses. Injured parties can seek payment for a wide variety of losses including loss of income, medical bills, and more. To learn more information about getting compensated for your injuries, call an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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