Two Injured in Fairfield Crash

Two Injured in Fairfield Crash
Two Injured in Fairfield Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield car accident lawyer. Recently, two people were left with severe injuries after being involved in a truck accident in Fairfield. Officers from the Fairfield Police Department (FPD) said that the crash took place in the early morning and involved two vehicles, a pickup truck and a big-rig. Additionally, responders said that one of the occupants of the pickup truck was stuck inside the vehicle due to the accident. Reports indicated that staff from the Fairfield Fire Department (FFD) used special extrication equipment to remove the trapped man from the wrecked vehicle.

Crash Details

A report by FPD stated that the accident took place along East Tabor Avenue in the vicinity of Blossom Avenue, which was not far from Grange Middle School and Tabor Park. Officers noted that the collision took place at 4:52 a.m. and pictures taken at the crash scene show significant property damage to the front passenger side of the pickup truck. However, authorities did not provide any details about how the accident occurred.

Emergency Response

Truck 37, Battalion 37, and Engine 39 of the FFD all responded to the crash after dispatchers received a call indicating that two parties may have been hurt. Responders arrived at the crash scene and found that the driver was able to exit the pickup. However, the passenger was trapped inside and sustained serious injuries due to the collision.

Personnel from Truck 37 took approximately eight minutes to extricate the passenger from the mangled pickup truck. Both the driver and passenger were taken to the NorthBay Medical Center by ground ambulance. Paramedics from Engine 39 reportedly provided medical care during the trip to the hospital.

Responders noted that the passenger may have possibly sustained a head injury as well as trauma to her arms and legs. The injuries that the driver suffered were not detailed in public reports. Officials have not yet released updates regarding the condition of the two injured individuals.

Trucking Accidents

Large trucks are massive and can cause catastrophic injuries when they are involved in collisions, even at low speeds. The companies that own these trucks are well aware that their vehicles can cause accidents related to braking or jackknifing and usually act quickly to limit their responsibility to pay out as little as possible. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, it is important to contact a truck accident lawyer in Fairfield promptly. Having an experienced attorney on your side early on in your case may prevent responsible parties from covering up key evidence to reduce their liability.

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