Trucking Accidents and serious injuries

As a longtime Sacramento Trucking Accident Lawyer:


I am shocked by the continued and sheer crazy proposals put forth by the trucking fleet industry:

The latest push in Congress is to lower the minimal driving age for big rigs down to 18 years old. In every type of accident, drivers 17-25 have the highest rate of negligence. It’s why premiums for young drivers are so high. It’s one thing for an 18 year old to be driving a small car, but a 53 foot big rig on a crowded freeway?

The average cost of a crash involving a Class 8 Tractor pulling a 53 foot trailer is over $172,000. If only one person is injured in a crash, the average cost balloons to $334, 892 according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Can you imagine the serious carnage that results when a teenagers start driving big rigs!


The trucking Industry causes more deaths per vehicle than anything else on our highways. They continually fight against safety regulations that would make us all safer. See Why is the Trucking Industry So Resistant to New  Safety Regulations and Technology 

Unlike the Airline Industry which was out front in embracing most safety proposals, the trucking industry fights safety regulation every step of the way.


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