Trucking Accident While Passing

Many trucking accidents that happen while passing involve a failure of good judgment on the part of the trucker.

A passing maneuver is required to be performed in a safe manner.

An experienced big rig trucker should be trained to anticipate actions that might be taken by the driver of the vehicle being passed or by oncoming vehicles.

Some of the questions that must be answered are:

A. Did the trucker warn the driver of the vehicle being passed?

B. Did the trucker signal his lane change?

C. Did the trucker try to make a passing maneuver while other traffic was trying to overtake him from the rear?

D. Did the truck driver cut short his passing maneuver cutting in too quickly into the right hand lane?

E. Did the truck driver try to pass when oncoming traffic was too close?

F. Did the truck driver pass or attempt to pass where there was a curve or hill or where there were foggy or other adverse weather conditions?

If any passing collision an experienced truck accident attorney will hire a trucking accident expert as well as an accident reconstruction expert and possibly a bio-mechanic to determine

issues of fault and causation.

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Remember that on every trucking accident case, trucking companies dispatch teams of investigators to the scene immediately to try to minimize their responsibility. It’s critical to get your

own experienced trucking attorney on the case immediately.







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