Truckee Two-Vehicle Crash Causes Intersection Injury

Accident on North Shore Road Involves Two Pickups

A two-vehicle crash in Truckee caused at least one minor injury on March 15 near the airport. The accident happened just before 8:00 a.m. along North Shore Road (SR 267) at the intersection of Schaffer Mill Road. A Toyota pickup and Dodge Ram 2500 were involved in the collision, according to the accident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Roadway Quickly Cleared of Two-Vehicle Crash

The Toyota was left blocking the lane but was pushed out of the roadway, and a tow truck was called to remove it. Southbound traffic was only affected for a few minutes. Information was not provided on whether those injured in the crash were transported to a hospital. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to determine fault and determine how it happened. 

Intersection and Crossroads Accidents

Intersections and crossroads are common locations for accidents. About 95 percent of the time, accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Following are some of the causes:

  • Without checking for oncoming traffic, the driver pulls out of a side street or road and causes a two-vehicle crash.
  • As a result of running through a stop sign or red light, the driver crashes into vehicles legally in the intersection.
  • A speeding motorist hurtles up a hill and rear-ends a slower-moving vehicle in the same lane.
  • During a drunken driving episode, a driver accidentally crosses over the center line and collides head-on with another vehicle.
  • A fatigued driver misses seeing a stop sign and continues on, which results in a two-vehicle crash. 
  • A driver makes a left turn onto the main road and misses seeing an oncoming vehicle.

Recovery of Compensation Following a Two-Vehicle Crash

When a negligent driver causes an accident, those in the other vehicle who suffer injuries may claim compensation with the help of an injury lawyer. Recovery of damages can involve the following:

  • Medical costs caused by the two-vehicle crash can be recovered. This includes everything from the ambulance cost to hospitalization, physicians’ fees, tests, prescription medicines and rehabilitative care. At the time of settlement of the claim, if the injury is still ongoing, the cost of future care is included.
  • If the injured party cannot work and loses their wages while hospitalized or recovering, those funds are also recoverable. Wages include the salary, pension and insurance benefits, tips and other additions to the job that have a monetary value. 
  • Should the injured party have to take a job with lower pay due to the accident because they can no longer do the work, the difference in pay is recoverable.
  • Should a permanent disability occur to the injured party so they can no longer work, they can collect their salary and value of their benefits until the age of retirement.
  • Reimbursement for the physical pain and suffering the injured person endured can be recovered as well as the loss of enjoyment of life, consortium and others. In addition, compensation may be allowed for the emotional and psychological trauma, which is common after any type of collision. In some cases, symptoms of trauma become so extreme it leads to post-traumatic stress disorder. The cost of professional treatment is recoverable.

Truckee Car Accident Lawyer

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