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May 17, 2019
Edward Smith

Trouble Sleeping After an Auto Accident

After a severe auto accident, individuals might notice that they’re having trouble sleeping. Sleep plays an essential role in the recovery process after a long day. Proper sleep allows the neurons of the brain to rest and recharge. Some of the symptoms of difficulty sleeping include:

  • Constantly tossing and turning during the night.
  • Suffering from chronic headaches during the day.
  • A feeling of chronic fatigue and irritability.
  • Waking up multiple times during the night.
  • Emotional lability and a short temper.

These are only a few symptoms that might be caused by difficulty sleeping. Regardless of the cause, sleep debt will build over time. This means that the longer individuals go without a restful sleep, the worse their symptoms will become. Because of this, it is essential to address difficulty sleeping after a car accident as quickly as possible.

Why Do People Have Trouble Sleeping After a Car Accident?

Some of the reasons why people may have trouble sleeping following a car accident are due to:

  • Stress, anxiety, and worries regarding the crash and its complications might make it hard for individuals to relax.
  • Flashbacks to the moment of the collision could be signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD.
  • Physical injuries, such as bone fractures, could lead to chronic pain.

Regardless of why people have trouble sleeping, it is essential to address it quickly. When people cannot sleep well at night, this can have impacts in the classroom, at work, and even on the relationships with their family members and friends.

Treatment Options for Sleep Difficulty

There are several options for individuals having trouble sleeping at night. They include:

  • Addressing any physical injuries that could be causing severe, chronic pain.
  • Seeking counseling for mental health problems such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety.
  • Taking medications such as melatonin.

Those prescribed medications should be careful not to become dependent on them. Following a motor vehicle accident, sleep problems might be temporary. As injuries heal and mental health difficulties are treated, people might find that they can sleep comfortably again. For those who are under prolonged stress, there are other resources available.

Watch YouTube Video: Diagnosing and Treating Sleep Disorders with a Sleep Study. In this video, Dr. Victoria Sharma with Sharp Grossmont Hospital explains how a sleep study can help treat sleep disorders.

Contacting an Auto Accident Lawyer

If a loved one is having trouble sleeping, this can place the entire family under a significant amount of stress. Trouble sleeping can lead to emotional lability and a short temper, which can strain relationships between family and friends. Therefore, after seeking appropriate medical care, it is essential to take a few minutes to meet with a Sacramento auto accident lawyer. You might be owed a significant reward.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers

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