Tree Crushes Car at Sacramento Elementary School


Tree Crushes Car at Sacramento Elementary School

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento tree injury lawyer. As powerful storms hit California, I want you to be aware of recent accidents involving fallen trees in Sacramento.

Recent Tree Accidents in Sacramento

On 17 February, a large eucalyptus tree crashed into a teacher’s car at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Rancho Cordova while class was in session. No one was injured, but the car sustained extensive damage. Trees around the elementary school were inspected in December 2016 and were deemed safe.

Meanwhile, on the same day, another tree fell onto a school building at Caleb Greenwood Elementary School in Sacramento. Fortunately no children were  at school and no injuries were reported.

Also on 17 February, a tree fell into a home on 59th Street in South Sacramento. No one was injured in this accident either, but the home suffered moderate structural damage.

Many homeowners throughout the Sacramento area also likely saw minor damage to cars and homes as trees uprooted during the most recent round of storms.

Recent Injuries Caused by Fallen Trees

The people in the above accident were fortunate to escape injury, but others have not been so fortunate. In one such case, again on 17 February, a young Irvine girl was struck by a tree while walking her neighbor’s dogs. She has since undergone brain surgery and is in a coma.

In January, a San Roman woman was actually killed by a tree that fell at a Contra Costa County golf course. Back in December, another person was killed and five were injured when a tree fell on a wedding party at a park in Southern California.

Common Injuries in Tree Accidents

Accidents involving trees are, by their very nature, unpredictable. Consequently, there is no typical injury. Injuries in accidents involving trees can range from cuts and bruises in minor accidents, to serious spinal cord trauma and head injuries in serious cases. In the most extreme accidents, people may even be killed.

Why are so many trees falling?

Many trees are falling because of the extreme rainfall totals and high winds in recent storms. Sacramento alone had 10 inches of rain in January 2017, leaving the ground so saturated it destabilizes the root systems. The high winds are then able to topple these already weakened trees.

These issues are worsened by the preceding five years of drought. Many trees’ roots died during the drought. This created gaps in the soil where even more water could settle, further destabilizing the trees.

Who is liable in fallen tree accidents?

Property owners have an obligation to ensure the trees on their property pose no hazard. This obligation provides the basis for property owners’ liability in fallen tree accidents. In the case of the tree that fell near Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, though, the arborists who inspected the tree in December may also be liable for the damage.

Sacramento Falling Tree Accident Attorney

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