Travel Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

Travel Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a time for honoring those men and women who died fighting for our country. It is also a time when more people travel to celebrate with friends and family. Unfortunately, the weekend has also become one where more people die in traffic collisions compared to other holidays. According to the American Automobile Association, 39.3 million people will be on the move over the weekend with close to 35 million driving to their destinations. This increased traffic is responsible for the uptick in motor vehicle deaths. With more people on the road, the need for caution is greater than ever before. Let’s look at the statistics for traffic deaths on the Memorial Day weekend and what can be done to lessen the risk.

Statistics for Memorial Day Weekend

It is predicted by the National Safety Council that 380 or more individuals could die over the Memorial Day weekend, which runs from May 24 through May 27, from traffic accidents. Because it is a traditional time for people to travel, traffic congestion increases. Some will be headed to the beach, while others will be going to barbecues with friends or taking the time to enjoy a short vacation. The NSC estimates that non-fatal injuries around the country during this extended weekend will be around 43,300.

The Major Causes of Memorial Day Weekend Accidents

During 2017, 29 percent of all traffic accidents involved drunk drivers. The year before, 36 percent of all traffic fatalities over the Memorial Day weekend involved a drunk driver. Other negligent actions that contribute heavily to holiday accidents include running red lights and speeding.

How to Stay Safe

Other than avoiding alcohol, there are many other precautions you can take to enjoy your holiday safely:

  • Avoid distracted driving: More than likely, you will be traveling with the family or your friends to an outdoor activity or a private party. The driver needs to remain focused on the road and not on everything going on around them. Distracted driving accounts for numerous accidents due to different activities such as:
    • Playing with the radio
    • Checking directions on the GPS or on a cell phone
    • Texting
    • Talking on the phone or to other occupants in the vehicle
    • Gawking at an accident or police stopped on the side of the road
    • Eating
  • Avoid fatigued driving: This three-day weekend means that many of us will party without resting appropriately. Being tired when driving is a major cause of accidents on Memorial Day weekend. While it may be difficult to say no to all the activities, you still need to sleep. Rest up before driving and arrive home safely.
  • Have a designated driver: It is important to pick a designated driver when going to and from activities. It does not necessarily have to be the same person each time. Having someone who refrains from drinking when you take to the road keeps everyone safe. If you are traveling alone and had a few drinks, call Uber or Lyft rather than getting behind the wheel.
  • Wear restraints: Seat belt use saves lives. Make sure that everyone in the vehicle puts their seat belt on. Without it, a driver or passenger can be ejected from the car, which leads to fatal accidents.
  • Watch out for other drivers: You may be driving safely, but that does not mean everyone else is. Look for other drivers changing lanes erratically or speeding. Stay as far away from them as you can.
  • Avoid congested roads: We all know that roads are busier during specific hours of the day. Choose your driving time wisely to avoid busy periods.
  • Never tailgate: When roads are crowded, tailgating is a sure-fire prescription for disaster. Drive at a distance from the car in front. This should give you enough time to stop.

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