Train Accident Injuries and Liability

The Recent Amtrac train accident in Pennsylvania has brought  to the fore the problems of the government limiting liability for Railroad accidents.

Federal Law passed to “Save” Amtrac years ago, limited total liability for any one accident to $200 Million Dollars. Clearly, this will no be enough to

even cover the medical bills (past and future) of injured passengers and the families of dead passengers.


Interestingly enough, employees on the train will be fully covered for their own injures under FELA, a Federal Law that allows railroad employees a full recovery

so long as they can prove “some” negligence by the Railway.


It’s unconscionable that railroad employees can obtain a full recovery for their own injuries, but passengers are put in a position where they cannot.

There are many types of injuries that occur from or on railroad trains.

There can be derailments, train v train collisions, train vs car collisions or railroad crossing accidents.

Derailments are almost always the result of failing to follow established safety procedures.

Railway crossing accidents can be the result of a train failing to sound its horn, of defective signals or gates or inattention on the part of the train operator.

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