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February 17, 2021
Edward Smith

Accident on Southbound I-5 Involves Between Five and Seven Vehicles

A traffic collision involving multiple vehicles happened near the Sacramento airport on February 13 that reported at least two injuries. The accident happened around 5:24 p.m. on southbound Interstate 5 at the Airport Boulevard off-ramp, according to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It is believed that between five and seven vehicles were involved, including a Volkswagen Hybrid, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevy Silverado pickup and a tow truck.

Further Details About the Multiple-Vehicle Traffic Collision

The accident blocked the number one lane. Tow trucks were called to remove at least four of the vehicles. Upon the arrival of first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department, it was discovered that at least two parties had suffered injuries in the traffic collision. They were transported by the responders to a hospital nearby. The CHP is investigating to find out how the crash occurred.

The Dangers of Highway Accidents

Since traffic is moving at a faster pace and vehicles are fairly close together on a highway, when an accident occurs, it can involve multiple vehicles. People who are injured in this type of accident may place a claim for compensation to pay for their injuries, the time they’ve lost from being unable to work, and their pain and suffering. However, the help of an injury attorney is necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Complications in an Accident That Involves Multiple Vehicles

Although a highway traffic collision is usually caused by two vehicles hitting each other, additional cars that become involved may also be at fault. Check out the following types of negligence that may be grounds for a compensation claim:

  • Distracted drivers are the main reason for a traffic collision these days. They are usually texting or talking on their cell phones but may also be checking GPS, changing the radio, and other activities.
  • Drunk drivers: Drivers who are drunk or have been using drugs are dangerous on the roads. Their reflexes are slowed, judgment impaired, and being intoxicated even affects vision, which can lead to a traffic collision. 
  • Speeding: Another major cause of an accident, speeding, reduces the ability of the driver to slow down safely or stop in an emergency. In addition, speeding can lead to a traffic collision because the driver has less control over their vehicle.
  • Reckless driving: Although speeding is a type of reckless driving, there are other ways a motorist can be negligent that leads to a traffic collision. Swerving in and out of traffic, tailgating, cutting another driver off and other reckless behaviors can cause an accident also.

Investigation of a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Our trained investigators collect the evidence needed to support a client’s compensation claim. They first head out to the traffic collision site before evidence disappears or is covered over when traffic restarts. Accident reconstruction is performed there, which details the positions of the vehicles before, during, and after the collision. Photos are taken and evidence collected.

Surveillance cameras from businesses and road and traffic cameras are a good source of evidence because they show the accident in real-time and can show additional negligence. The investigators check for errors in the police report and talk to witnesses. Once the evidence is compiled, our injury attorneys use it to build a strong case in support of our client’s compensation claim.

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