Traffic Accident with Injuries in Sacramento

Traffic Accident Injury in Sacramento

On February 27, a traffic accident injury occurred after two vehicles collided along Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and 47th Avenue. The crash happened east of Franklin Boulevard at about 9:47 in the evening, leaving the unidentified vehicles blocking the lanes. While one party was able to exit their vehicle, the other driver was not due to injuries, and an ambulance was summoned. That individual was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as being taken to Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center. The CHP is investigating the accident to determine how it occurred. As of this report, no further information has been released about the person who was injured.

Intersection Accidents

Almost 2.5 million accidents at intersections happen every year, according to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration. Most of them are caused by driver error and result in numerous injuries and fatalities to other motorists, motorcycle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians. Some of the reasons these accidents happen include:

  • Running a red light: Some motorists intentionally run a traffic light or start through the intersection right when the light is ready to turn.
  • Driving at an unsafe speed: Speeding is a leading cause of many different types of accidents. It has been shown that the faster the speed, the more likely it is that a serious traffic accident injury or fatality will occur.
  • Driving when too fatigued: This is a common problem involving those who do shift work, haven’t gotten sufficient sleep or are on certain medicines that have drowsiness as a side effect.
  • Becoming distracted while driving: Talking on a cell phone or texting is a major cause of a traffic accident injury. Checking GPS, eating while driving and anything else that takes the motorist’s eyes from the road, even for a few seconds, can be a contributory factor to a crash.
  • Driving drunk or while on drugs: Drunk or drugged drivers are a danger on the road because they lack sufficient judgment, coordination and visual acuity to be behind the wheel of a car.
  • Defects in a vehicle: When an accelerator, steering wheel, brakes or other parts are defective, they can cause a traffic accident injury. In these cases, the manufacturer and others may be held financially responsible.
  • Roadway design or lack of maintenance: Some intersections are poorly designed and can contribute to a collision. In other cases, potholes, tree branches that overhang signs and other neglect can cause a traffic accident. Because a government entity carries the responsibility in such cases, they may be held financially responsible.

Obtaining Compensation Following an Accident

When negligence by another was a cause of an injury in a traffic accident, financial compensation may be sought for the medical expenses, lost earnings and other costs. A lawyer who is experienced in recovering damages caused by a collision may help by investigating the accident. They can deal with the insurance company for you, and if the insurer offers an insufficient amount to cover your damages, the lawyer can build a civil court case to recover what you need and deserve.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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