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Traffic Accident Involving Big Rig Injures One Person

Accident on Highway 50 Between Big Rig and Motor Vehicle

A traffic accident in Sacramento caused injuries recently when a big rig and a Toyota Corolla collided. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) along Highway 50 close to Howe Avenue and occurred around 4:00 in the afternoon. When authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered at least one injury occurred because of the accident. 

Further Details of the Traffic Accident

First responders with the Sacramento Fire Department did not address how serious those injuries were or whether the patient was transported to a hospital. The accident is being investigated to determine how it happened. It has not yet been reported whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.

Driver Error as a Factor in a Big Rig Collision

Motorists should always be cautious when driving near a big rig. There are differences between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle that can cause a collision with an unwary motorist. Big rigs are much larger and heavier and require a longer stopping distance. There are blind spots on all sides of a big rig also. These large trucks need more room to turn and may even have to go into the next lane. In addition to drunk or distracted driving, speeding, and other traffic infractions, some of the reasons a negligent motorist can cause a collision include:

  • Riding in the big rig’s blind spot
  • Tailgating because the trucker can only spot a passenger vehicle if he/she can see it in the rear-view mirror
  • Cutting off a big rig

Trucker Error in a Traffic Accident

There are a number of ways in which a trucker or the company that employs them can be at fault for a traffic accident. They include:

  • Driver fatigue: Truckers or their employer may take shortcuts when allowing enough rest time due to overloaded schedules. Company schedules are often demanding, and fatigue becomes a way of life. The effects of driving fatigued are as dangerous as drunk driving. If the company fails to allow a trucker enough time to rest, a claim against the company can also be filed after an accident.
  • Blind spots: Trucker vigilance is key to averting accidents due to blind spots. These no-zones are areas around the truck where the trucker cannot see another vehicle. 
  • Impaired truckers: Not all truckers drink or use drugs when driving, but some do. For this reason, trucking companies are expected to test truckers for substance abuse before they are hired and randomly afterward. 
  • Brakes: Companies are expected to routinely check and maintain their truck’s brakes to prevent accidents. If this is not done, the possibility of a truck accident increases. Alternately, truckers and their employers might adjust the braking to decrease wear and tear or disable the front brakes. Both are risky maneuvers.
  • Distracted driving: Long hours on the road can lead to boredom. To alleviate it, truckers might give into texting friends and family or talking on the phone. Truck operators may also try to save time by eating while driving. Taking their focus off the road can lead to a traffic accident.
  • Tailgating: Some truckers may tailgate the vehicle in front of them. This means they ride too close to the lead vehicle to stop if necessary. This behavior is wrong for passenger vehicle drivers too since neither the truck nor car driver can stop if needed. Truckers, however, have a much more difficult time stopping.
  • Speeding: This type of behavior is hazardous with an 80,000 pound truck since the impact with another vehicle is increased by speeding. Driving too fast also causes trucks to roll over, especially around curves.

Investigating a Truck Accident

Finding evidence to prove fault is a key ingredient of a successful lawsuit. That is why we send our investigators to the site of the accident. They question witnesses, obtain video footage of the accident if possible and use accident reconstruction to determine liability. Our investigators also check truckers’ logs to see if they complied with maintenance schedules, fixed defective parts, or obeyed rules for adequate rest. Once the evidence is amassed, it is given to our lawyers to build a strong case for our client.

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