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April 13, 2024
Edward Smith

Major Trauma Suffered in Tracy Motorcycle Collision on Mountain House Parkway

A Tracy motorcycle collision on April 11 caused major trauma to the rider when the rider collided with a sedan. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened around 4:57 p.m. on Mountain House Parkway between Schulte Road and I-580. The motorcycle reportedly struck the sedan on the bridge. 

Rider Hospitalized Following Tracy Motorcycle Collision

The Tracy accident was transferred to the Stockton Fire Department, and medics determined the rider had suffered major injuries. The rider was taken to a hospital. The CHP traffic accident unit is determining why the collision happened.

Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles’ lack of adequate protection exposes riders to severe trauma if they become involved in a collision. Each year, motorcycle accidents injure thousands of people. In such cases, if another motorist’s negligence caused the crash, the rider could sue them for fair compensation. A number of factors contribute to motorcycle accidents caused by another driver’s negligence, including:

  • Turning collisions: People turning in front of motorcycles cause most accidents. Drivers may misjudge the speed or distance of an approaching motorcyclist. Other drivers expect riders to slow down to avoid a Tracy motorcycle collision even though the motorcyclist has the right of way.
  • Backing crashes: Motorists cause motorcycle accidents by backing out of driveways without checking for oncoming traffic.
  • Traffic slowdowns: Sudden slowing or stopping by a driver up ahead can cause motorcycles to crash into the rear of vehicles. Such crashes often throw riders off their bikes, causing serious injuries.
  • Changing lanes: Drivers cause serious motorcycle accidents by changing lanes without checking for motorcycle riders in their blind spots. This type of accident often happens when the rider is lane-splitting.

Investigation of a Roseville Motorcycle Injury Crash

Investigators approach motorcycle crashes as they do other traffic accidents, performing tasks such as:

  • Examining area surveillance cameras to find footage of the motorcycle accident.
  • Questioning witnesses to verify the collision’s occurrence and if anyone recorded it.
  • Reviewing the police report for inaccuracies.
  • Revealing collision fault through accident reconstruction.
  • Showing how the Tracy motorcycle collision occurred by performing accident reconstruction, which shows vehicle placement and often points toward which driver was at fault.
  • Identifying potholes, malfunctioning lighting, and obscured signage as potential indicators of government negligence. Government entities may bear responsibility for these accidents. Since filing a government claim must occur within six months, consulting an accident attorney is advisable.

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

If injured by a negligent driver or another entity, a person might qualify for compensation. An accident attorney can help secure maximum compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages. Personal injury attorneys gather evidence to support claims. Compensated medical bills and other losses allow injured motorcyclists to focus on healing.

Here are some tips from Ed Smith on selecting a personal injury attorney:


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