Top Questions About Slip and Fall Accidents

Top Questions About Slip and Fall Accidents

Top Questions About Slip and Fall Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton personal injury attorney. Slip and fall accidents happen to over 8 million Americans each year. Many of these accidents tend to result in serious injuries or even death due to a hazardous or dangerous condition on someone else’s property. For more information on slip and fall accidents, please feel free to read our detailed article below.

What Types of Injuries Occur in a Slip and Fall?

  • Fractured Hip: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 95 percent of hip fractures occur from falls. This is particularly true for older people. Hip fractures require hospitalization and hip replacement, frequently followed by an extensive period of rehabilitation.
  • Shoulders: Brachial plexus injuries can be caused to the shoulder in a slip and fall injury. These are the nerves that attach the shoulder and arm to the spinal cord. This type of injury can require surgery to repair and a long period of recovery.
  • Bone Fractures or Sprains: Fractures to bones can require resetting the fracture, casting, and rehabilitation to return motion to the injured limb. Sprains cause a tearing or stretching of ligaments to the affected part of the body. Either can mean time away from work while the injury heals. Fractures commonly occur in the hip, leg, arm, hand, spine, pelvis or leg.
  • Spinal Cord: Herniated or slipped discs and vertebral fractures can cause extensive physical pain and require surgery to repair as well as adversely affect mobility in the future. Some spinal injuries may cause temporary or permanent loss of function and sensation such as paralysis and leave the individual permanently disabled.
  • Head and Brain Injuries: Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are most commonly caused by falls. They may range from a concussion to, at its most severe, cognitive impairment, loss of memory, seizures and mood changes. TBIs frequently require extensive hospitalization and treatment and may result in permanent disability.

What Does an Injured Person Have to Prove in a Slip and Fall Case?

  • A hazardous condition existed on the property.
  • The owner or person in charge should have recognized the hazardous condition and repaired or removed it
  • The hazardous condition existed for enough time that the condition should have been corrected.

What Evidence Is Required to Prove a Slip and Fall?

After the fall, the injured person should take the following steps:

  • Inform the person in charge, manager or owner that you have been injured. Some will ask you to complete an incident report. If you do this, make sure to ask for your own copy once it is completed.
  • Use your phone to take photos of what caused your injury. This is particularly important if your injury was caused by a water spill or other type of wet spill since the substance will dry quickly.
  • Look for mats and signs that warn of a danger. Also, note whether any cameras are present that may have videotaped your accident.
  • Ask for contact information from any witnesses to your accident.
  • Visit your doctor to get checked out or have someone call 911 for emergency care if it is necessary. Tell your doctor that you had an accident and describe your injuries carefully. This is important since your injuries will be documented. It is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions, including taking medications and attending any follow-up visits.
  • Bag up clothing and shoes you were wearing at the time as evidence.
  • It is important to contact a personal injury lawyer who handles slip and fall accidents promptly. The attorney cannot only handle your case but can advise you on any additional steps you need to take to support your claim.


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