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Tips to Getting the Most out of a Gallon of Gas

How to Squeeze Every Mile Out of a Tank of Gas

With gas prices averaging $5.75 a gallon in California, drivers are feeling the pain at the pump. According to reports from AAA, gas has reached a 14-year high in the United States. A gallon of regular gasoline is 71 cents higher than last month and $1.36 higher than last year. GasBuddy predicts commuting will cost more in the foreseeable future, with gas prices hitting all-time highs soon.

Now is an excellent time to reduce what you pay at the pump by fine-tuning your driving techniques and strategies. Below are ten tips to help you save money on gas.

10 Gas Saving Tips

1. Minimize your travel: If you can delay running errands or other activities that require driving, you will preserve the gas in your vehicle and reduce overall consumption. You can ride a bike or walk to places that are close by.

2. Check online for cheap gases: Go on GasBuddy to check for local gas prices in your area. As a rule of thumb, gas stations away from city centers and major highways tend to have better prices, as do warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club.

3. Stay at half tank: Keep your gas tank at least half when there is a risk of fuel shortages, during a significant storm, before a holiday road trip, or when roads are congested. When you have plenty of gas in your vehicle, it is less stressful, and it gives you more flexibility with where and when to fill up.

4. Obey speed limits: Driving at high speeds is dangerous, but it can also drain your fuel. Drive smoothly and follow the speed limits. Your driving habits can play a significant role in fuel economy.

5. Drive smoothly: Don’t brake or accelerate hard when driving. Unnecessary braking or accelerating wastes gas. Maintain a steady pace once you are up to speed. Driving smoothly can also extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, brakes, transmission, and tires.

6. Drop the weight: Remove roof racks if they are not needed. Racks are extra weight and create more wind resistance, which reduces gas mileage. Don’t add to that by carrying unneeded things on the roof, such as mountain bikes or kayaks.

7. Turn off the AC: Your air conditioning consumes gas. Turn off your AC and open the windows in mild weather if you can get by without it.

8Skip premium gas: Unless your vehicle requires premium gas, you can save money by skipping it. To find out if your car needs premium gas, look at the inside of your fuel filler door. Most vehicles will show “recommended,” which means it is optional. Premium fuel can cost about 20 to 40 cents more per gallon than regular.

9. Check your tire pressure: Tires lose about 1 psi a month, so check your tire pressure often. Having tires with pressure lower than recommended can affect fuel economy, performance, and tire longevity. To find your vehicle’s proper tire pressure, check the sticker in the glove box or the driver’s side door jamb.

10. Carpooling: Consider carpooling to work or school with a coworker or friend. Carpooling is a great way to save on gas. Besides saving money, you may also find yourself making some lifelong friends or having some interesting conversations.

Due to warmer weather and increased demand, we may continue to see higher gas prices in the coming months. However, applying the tips above to your daily routine can help improve your fuel efficiency and save money. These efficiencies can amount to a dollar of savings per gallon.

Watch YouTube Video: 5 Best Ways to Save at the Gas Pump. The video from Consumer Reports below discusses five more ways you can save at the gas pump.

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