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Tips to Calm Anxiety

Anxiety and Fear of the Unknown

The unknown is scary to most people. We humans like to maintain a sense of control.  Sometimes that is not possible, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear. None of us are immune to these emotions, and since the Sacramento area, along with much of the rest of the world, has taken on an unfamiliar and somewhat eerie landscape, we anticipate that many of us are feeling some sense of unrest. Today we want to offer a few tips to calm anxiety, as well as present an option some of us find helpful when we are feeling lonely.

Technology Has its Uses

While we don’t recommend reading too many scary articles on the internet, which can intensify our negative emotions, it is also important to stay informed.  Setting a time limit may work best to control what gets into your mind. Perhaps check a trusted source for a few minutes in the morning and then again briefly in the evening. The Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and your local paper are some suggested sites to scan for updates. The Sacramento Bee website has currently dropped its paywall for pieces related to the Covid-19 situation.  

Along with terrifying and sensationalist headlines, the internet and related technology can also provide resources for dealing with some of our negative emotions. Here we have gathered some options to check out when you start to feel overwhelmed.

Dealing with Anxiety and Fear

Sometimes our adrenalin kicks in. Maybe we have absorbed too much frightening information, and our fight or flight response has kicked in. Some people are less prone to panic and more likely to experience a general sense of fear and dread. Some practices that may calm your mind are listed below.

Meditation and Mindfulness

There are subscription ($) apps for your phone that offer guided meditation/mindfulness exercises. Calm and Headspace are probably the two most popular. There are many apps that offer some free meditation exercises as well, such as Stop, Breathe, Think and Mindful Moments, which is offered by the Cleveland Clinic.

10% Happier is a book, podcast, and app by author/creator Dan Harris. His life was greatly improved through practicing meditation and he shares his experiences.

Christian Meditation Podcast – this free app includes twice-weekly meditation sessions. As indicated by the name, the meditation sessions are Christian based, each session includes a brief scripture reading. The sessions are lead by a chaplain and specifically geared toward the reduction of anxiety. 

Breathing Exercises

Calm, slow breathing helps reduce symptoms of anxiety.  Some of us have a tendency to hyperventilate when stressed, and slowing the rate of oxygen intake can send a message to the brain that there is no immediate danger.  WebMD offers information on how to perform calm breathing exercises. The beauty of slow breathing is that it can be done anywhere, anytime you feel a sense of panic setting in.

There are also many helpful and free youtube videos such as the following by popular yoga instructor Adriene:


In addition to anxiety and fear, we may encounter bouts of loneliness as we live our lives in a more isolated state than we are used to. Some of us at are podcast enthusiasts. Some of us may even have some special podcasts where the hosts feel like friends – that’s not too weird, right?  In any event, here are some of our favorites, if it starts to feel like the house is too quiet, give a podcast a shot. They are free! Be aware that some contain adult language, and we’ve starred(*) those.

Human Interest


True Crime

  • Uncover – six well done seasons, told in serial format, produced by the Canadian Broadcast Company 
  • My Favorite Murder* – irreverent, comedy-based
  • Casefile True Crime – creepily narrated by an anonymous Australian host. The Silk Road episodes are excellent

We here at want you to stay well, physically, and emotionally, as we all do our part to Flatten the Curve.

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