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Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite

Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite

Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite

I’m Ed Smith, a dog bite lawyer in Sacramento. Having incorrect information about when a dog will or will not bite sometimes ends with a person being attacked and suffering injuries. While some of these ideas are from old wives’ tales, others are lack of knowledge about the way a dog thinks and reacts. Read ahead to learn about some of the common misconceptions people have and how to avoid a dog bite.

Barking Dogs Don’t Bite

Barking is the first sign that a dog is uncomfortable, and barking is its way of warning someone to back off. According to Cesar Millan, a favorite dog trainer, and expert, barking indicates that a dog is trying to defend what it perceives as its territory. Because barking can increase a dog’s level of excitement, it can escalate into the dog attacking or biting.

Yelling and Kicking at a Dog Will Scare it Off

A dog that is barking, growling or showing other signs of aggression can sense when a human is feeling threatened. This kind of reaction empowers the dog to increase the aggression. Remaining calm, avoiding eye contact and standing somewhat to the side to present a smaller target can throw the dog off balance, and reduce the tension because the human is no longer perceived as a threat. However, this tactic does not always work.

Only Breeds With a Reputation as Biters are Dangerous

Any dog can bite and for many different reasons, including the cute little furbaby you bought at a pet store. Dogs bite due to stress, because of illness, protectiveness of their food or toys might even bite while playing, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. The best way to protect yourself and your family and friends is to learn the signs before it happens, letting you avoid a dog bite.

A Dog That Is Wagging Its Tail Won’t Bite

According to Animal Planet, a dog wagging its tail to the right (right side of the dog) is happy or confident. A dog that is wagging its tail left (on the left side of the dog) is afraid and may want to run away. A tail that is held high and stiff with maybe only the tip moving is showing aggression and may attack. Keeping the tail low or curled under its body indicates fear or submission. When feeling confident, a dog will hold its tail horizontally but wag it quickly in sharp, tight arcs.

All Dogs Want to Be Friends

Just as not all people like all people, not all dogs like everyone. Looking for the danger signs when approaching a dog can make a difference in whether or not you get bitten. If a dog is showing the following signs, it might be a good idea to backup, and forget about trying to make friends while you avoid a dog bite.

  • The whites of the dog’s eyes are showing
  • The dog is yawning
  • As you approach, the dog turns away its head
  • The dog is standing stiff

Watch YouTube Video – How to prevent dog bites. This video will give some helpful tips for adults and kids.

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