Dislocation of the Tibia in a Car Accident

Dislocation of the Tibia in a Car Accident

A dislocation of the tibia is a serious injury that could take place in a severe car accident. The tibia is one of the two bones that make up the shin (with the other one being the fibula). These two bones work together to provide structure between the knee and the ankle. In some cases, the tibia could become dislocated. In this situation, this bone has been shifted away from its proper anatomic location. There are two different types of tibia dislocations. These include:

Proximal Dislocation: A proximal dislocation of the tibia takes place where the tibia meets the knee. The tibia joins the knee to create a hinge joint. This joint provides mobility to the leg. If the tibia is dislocated at this position, the knee might also be damaged.

Distal Dislocation: A distal dislocation of the tibia takes place where the tibia meets the ankle. The tibia works with the ankle joint to provide movement and balance to the foot. If the tibia is dislocated at this location, the ankle could be damaged as well.

A dislocation of the tibia is a serious injury that might lead to major complications. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand how this injury happens and available treatment options.

Mechanism of a Tibia Dislocation

Depending on the location of the dislocation, the mechanism could vary. To dislocate the tibia, an abrupt, severe force is applied to the shin. This can happen in a car accident by:

Distal Dislocation: When people slam on the brakes, their feet are extended at the front of the vehicle. If the front of the car absorbs the impact, the feet could become pinned. This could lock the feet in place as the rest of the leg twists with the accident, leading to a distal dislocation.

Proximal Dislocation: In some car accidents, individuals could slam their knee or shin against the steering wheel or dashboard of the car. This can lead to a proximal dislocation.

Each of these types of dislocations could lead to severe complications. These complications impact how the injury is treated.

Treatment of a Dislocation of the Tibia

The treatment of a dislocation of the tibia is heavily dependent on the severity of the dislocation and the associated injuries. With a proximal dislocation, some of the complications could include:

  • Bone fractures of the tibia, fibula, or the knee
  • Damage to the blood vessels that run near the knee, such as the popliteal artery
  • Damage to the knee ligaments including the ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL

If the distal tibia has been dislocated, some of the other injuries might include:

  • Bone fractures of the foot, fibula, or tibia
  • Rupture of the ankle ligaments
  • Possible nerve damage in the calf, ankle, or foot

In some cases, this dislocation might require surgery to correct. If there are any associated injuries, these can be repaired at the same time. The prognosis of this injury will depend on the severity of the dislocation and the associated injuries. Some people will make a full recovery while others might have long-term complications, such as chronic pain.

Watch YouTube Video: Knee Dislocations. The educational video below describes the types of knee dislocations and provides treatment for them.

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

When an individual has been diagnosed with a dislocation of the tibia, the first step is to look for other injuries. Then, the tibia can be moved back into its proper spot. During this time, families could have a lot of questions about how and why the injury took place. This can create a lot of stress and uncertainty that could leave loved ones wondering what to do next. It is important to speak with a Sacramento car accident lawyer. Some of the assistance that an injury attorney could share include:

  • Acting as an objective professional who can help families make decisions about their recovery.
  • Helping families seek damages that are related to the injury, the accident, and any associated complications.
  • Reviewing the records from the accident to make sure that nothing has been overlooked.
  • Shifting a case to trial when required.

Above all else, families should know that they are not alone after a serious accident. Call and speak with a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. You and your loved ones could be owed a financial settlement.

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