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April 16, 2024
Edward Smith

Vehicle Fleeing Dos Rios Street Crash Injures Three Pedestrians in Sacramento

Three pedestrians in Sacramento suffered critical injuries in an accident on April 14 involving a fleeing driver. The collision occurred on Dos Rios Street between N D and N B streets. The injured pedestrians were transported to a hospital, according to a spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department, where two are in stable but critical condition. The third pedestrian suffered significant injuries, and it is unknown whether their condition has stabilized. 

Pedestrians in Sacramento Hospitalized With Critical Injuries

The area was cordoned off as investigators determined how the accident happened and gathered evidence on the hit-and-run driver. No information was provided on the suspect vehicle or driver. Police were seen investigating an area of tents, fencing, wheelchairs, and shopping carts that had fallen over onto a sidewalk. Those with information about the accident are asked to contact the Sacramento Police Department. 

Vulnerability of Pedestrians in Sacramento

In Sacramento, as elsewhere, pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to injuries if they are struck by a motor vehicle. The faster the vehicle is going, the higher the risk of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. When a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle, the types of injuries sustained can vary widely in severity, ranging from minor to life-threatening. Listed below are some of the most common types of injuries that pedestrians may suffer in such accidents:

  • Fractures: Bones are broken or cracked upon impact, often requiring surgery and long-term rehabilitation.
  • Head injuries: Skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries can have lasting cognitive effects.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Bruises, sprains, and tears can occur to muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord trauma can lead to partial or full paralysis.
  • Internal injuries: Damage to internal organs and internal bleeding can occur, which might not be immediately apparent.
  • Lacerations and abrasions: Cuts and scrapes that can vary in severity and may lead to infection if not properly treated.

How an Attorney Locates a Hit-and-Run Driver

Locating a hit-and-run driver involves a methodical process that requires good legal and investigative experience. Over the years, we have successfully located a number of hit-and-run drivers. Attorneys usually begin by gathering as much evidence as possible from the incident scene, and they generally use professional investigators to do so. 

Evidence might include surveillance footage from nearby security cameras, witness statements, and any physical auto parts or paint marks left behind by the driver. They also work closely with law enforcement to access traffic camera recordings and vehicle registration databases. Advanced technology, such as license plate recognition software, is important in identifying vehicles involved in hit-and-run accidents. This comprehensive approach increases the chances of holding the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Using an Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Auto Policy

Because many California drivers are either uninsured or underinsured, if the hit-and-run motorist is not located, injured pedestrians in Sacramento can use that policy to help cover their medical costs. If a family member carries this policy because the injured pedestrian does not have it, they can use that instead. No change occurs to the policy rate in the future because it has been used.

In this video, Ed Smith, a seasoned accident attorney, shares valuable advice for choosing the ideal attorney for injury-related cases:


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