The Difference Between Biking and Cycling

Is There a Difference Between Cycling and Biking?

We often come across the terms cycling and biking and wonder if there is a difference between the two. The phrases are used interchangeably, and bikers and cyclists share some similarities but differ in specific ways.

While biking refers to riding a bicycle for recreational purposes, cycling is a competitive sport that requires a bike. The sport has been around for over a century and involves equipment, clothing, and technique innovations.

What is Cycling?

Cycling dates back to the creation of the bicycle in the 1850s when bikes were introduced as a means of transportation and recreational activity. The popularity of cycling has grown enormously over the last few decades, with more people cycling as a profession or hobby. Today, it is one of the most popular sports worldwide, with millions of people watching riders racing against each other for prizes and glory.

Categories of Cycling

There are three sub-categories of cycling:

  • Sprint Cycling is a short-duration race, typically less than ten minutes and fewer than 10 kilometers.
  • Pursuit Cycling is track cycling, in which cyclists race each other head-to-head. These races are usually about 1500 meters, with two riders racing on the track simultaneously.
  • Time Trial Cycling involves one rider who races against the clock. With no distractions or competitors to contend with, the race becomes a battle of experience and wits as the rider pushes himself to the limits and beyond.

Cycling requires rigorous dedication and training. A significant cycling event is the Tour de France, which takes place every summer in France. Many professional cyclists have dedicated their lives to participating in this challenging sport.

What is Biking?

Biking refers to the activity of riding a bicycle for recreational and leisure purposes. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. The biking term is most commonly used and covers various activities defined by the type of bicycle used.

The Types of Bicycles

Biking consists of different types of bicycles. Below are some of the most popular ones:

  • Mountain Bikes are for riding on rugged terrains, such as rocky trails, steep grades, and loose dirt. These bikes are designed to be agile, so they can go uphill or downhill and balance on roots.
  • Road Bikes are for fitness and speed and can go up steep hills with little effort. These bikes are fast, light, and nimble, making long-distance rides more manageable. They are designed to ride on the urban landscape but are versatile to handle pavement and dirt.
  • BMX Bikes are for all terrains. They are designed to be ridden without using the pedals much, and riders can efficiently perform tricks like 180-degree jumps, turns, and spins.
  • Hybrid/Commuter Bikes are a combination of road and mountain bikes. They have the shock-absorbing ability and toughness of a mountain bike but with the efficiency levels and speed of a road bike. They are lighter than other bikes due partly to their versatility, making them convenient for people who need both bikes for different purposes.
  • Leisure Bikes are used for commuting or recreational riding. They feature wide tires, fenders, and an upright design to help riders stay dry. These bikes are perfect for people who ride to school or work but have needs beyond what a traditional road bike can provide. 

Watch YouTube Video: What’s the Difference Between a Cyclist and a Biker? The video below explains the difference between the two terms and finds out what people who ride regularly prefer to be called.

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