The Dangers of Bicycling

The Dangers of Bicycling

Riding bicycles has steadily gained popularity among Californians over the past decade, and many people are choosing to use their bike either for recreation or as a regular form of transportation. Riding a bicycle comes with many benefits, including exercise, saving on gasoline, and getting to spend time outdoors. In an area like Auburn where local roadways offer scenic views of the Sierra Nevadas, taking a bike ride can be a great experience. However, cycling does have its risks.

According to the NHTSA, more than two percent of fatal traffic collisions in the U.S. involve a bicyclist. Furthermore, an average of almost 1,000 people are fatally injured in a U.S. bicycle accident every year. Because cycling can be so dangerous, it is important for people to understand what circumstances typically cause bicycle accidents to happen. Knowing what situations can be dangerous improves your ability to protect yourself on the road.

Common Causes

The following are some of the most common reasons that cyclists suffer traumatic injuries:

  • Bicycle Defects: when a bicycle part doesn’t work the way it should, it often puts cyclists in danger. This can happen when brakes don’t effectively slow a bicycle or when wheels collapse under pressure. In these situations, cyclists often have little time to avoid an accident, leading to very serious injuries.
  • Opening Doors: We may think of it as a punchline in movies, but vehicles opening doors into the road without checking for cyclists is a serious issue. In California, it is illegal to open your car door if doing so endangers cyclists, and in most cases, people who do this are considered negligent.
  • Roadway Issues: The safety of cyclists is highly dependent on roadways being maintained. However, issues like lack of signage, poor lighting, potholes, or a dangerous intersection design often lead to severe accidents. When this happens, the government entity responsible for maintaining the faulty road may be liable to pay for damages.
  • Left-Turning Vehicles: When a vehicle performs a left turn, they often cross over multiple lanes of traffic. This is a dangerous maneuver and commonly causes accidents of all kinds, including collisions involving pedestrians and motorcyclists. Often, when making a left turn, vehicles fail to notice cyclists and cut them off, causing an accident.

Cyclist Injuries

Cyclists are not protected by a shield of metal or airbags and are usually thrown from their bike in the event of a crash. This means that the injuries suffered in cycling accidents tend to be severe. During my career representing cyclists who’ve been injured, I have seen first-hand just how life-changing bicycle accident injuries can be. People left with bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, and other types of trauma often spend years regaining their health, and some are even left with permanent issues. Because these injuries can be so difficult to recover from, injured cyclists can often seek help by pursuing personal injury claims.

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