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Teenager Tragically Killed During Vacaville Truck Accident

Teenager Dies During Vacaville Truck Accident

On Friday, September 11, 2020, one person tragically suffered deadly injuries during a Vacaville truck accident. The Solano County Sheriff’s Department has not yet released the decedent’s name, but have identified him as a 19-year-old resident of Vacaville. California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicated that this was a single-vehicle collision and that the incident remains under investigation.

Crash Information

The crash happened at around 6:20 a.m. on the westbound side of Highway Interstate 80 in eastern Vacaville. The teenager was driving a utility truck heading west and had just passed the junction at Highway 505 when his vehicle began to drift. Police have indicated that they do not currently know what caused the vehicle to veer off-course. After the truck entered the highway shoulder, it crashed into a sign pole. The collision caused the utility truck to quickly burst into flames.

After being notified about this accident, CHP rushed responders to the scene. Sadly, officials arriving at the site found that the young man had already suffered fatal injuries. According to police, no other individuals were in the vehicle at the time of the accident.


According to traffic data, the highway was partially closed at the site of the accident for around three and a half hours while police responded to the incident and searched the scene for evidence. However, investigators have not yet mentioned any suspected accident causes.

In many cases, deadly accidents like this one involve one or more factors that the driver is completely unable to control. These can include defective truck parts and issues with the road. Because the driver cannot tell police about what happened prior to the crash, investigators may overlook evidence of these critical factors.

To prevent evidence from going unnoticed, it’s important that you work with an attorney who has prior experience conducting private accident investigations. A good lawyer will know how to find out whether or not any negligence was involved in the crash.

Wrongful Death Damages

Our loved ones contribute a lot of value to our lives. Not only do they provide us with affection and care, but they also often contribute valuable services or income to their household. Tragically, this means that fatal accidents not only cause immense grief but can leave families in a precarious financial situation.

To make sure that you and your family are able to have financial stability during a difficult time, it is always best to contact a wrongful death lawyer as soon as you are able. In many cases, families are able to claim compensation that fully covers their economic losses as well as payments for damages related to personal suffering. Because most attorneys are happy to offer free advice over the phone, there’s nothing to lose by reaching out for the advice you need.

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