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Teenager Injured in Napa ATV Accident

Teenager Hurt During Napa ATV Accident

On Saturday, May 23, 2020, one person suffered major trauma during a Napa ATV Accident. California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to the accident and identified the injured individual as a 14-year-old girl and resident of Napa. While four other people were involved in the accident, no other serious injuries were reported.

Crash Information

This accident took place at about 9:12 p.m. in a rural area of Napa County. CHP indicated that the crash occurred on Henry Road to the west of the Dealy Lane intersection. The teenager was one of five people riding in a 2003 Honda ATV and reportedly fell out of the vehicle as a result of the impact. Further details about the circumstances of the accident have not yet been reported by officials.

After they received a phone call about the incident, CHP rushed emergency responders to the scene. Officers reaching the crash site discovered that the teenager had sustained major trauma and had her transported to Queen of the Valley Hospital via ground ambulance. Updates on the condition of the injured girl have not yet been released.


CHP has stated that they have investigators looking into possible causes of this accident. Police haven’t stated what, if any, factors are suspected. However, investigators have indicated that they don’t believe driver intoxication played a role. Accidents like this one can happen for a number of reasons and often involve non-driver factors such as faulty vehicle parts or dangerous hazards in the road.

Recovering from a Serious Injury

Recovering from an injury is hard. People who’ve suffered serious accident injuries are often in a lot of pain and also under significant emotional and mental stress. Going through the process of regaining your health can be difficult for many reasons and being injured is likely to affect your ability to do activities you enjoy. In very severe cases, your injury may even make it difficult to complete essential tasks like cooking, cleaning, or bathing.

Furthermore, an accident injury is likely to have a major financial impact as well. Medical costs can be very high and collision survivors frequently need multiple procedures, including surgeries. In order to regain mobility, you may also need to attend physical therapy sessions or take medication long-term. Taken altogether, the costs associated with regaining your health can be tremendous and can leave crash survivors unsure of how they will be able to afford their own recovery.

Getting Help

Fortunately, it’s often possible for injured parties to get help. By getting in touch with an experienced attorney and filing an injury claim, auto accident survivors can frequently obtain payments from at-fault parties and/or insurance companies. These payments can cover a wide range of damages, including medical debt as well as other losses like property damage, loss of quality of life, lost income, and more.

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