Safety Tips for Teen Driving

Safety Tips for Teen Driving

Teen driving is a scary thought for many parents. On the other hand, earning a driver’s license is a rite of passage for many children. The added degree of independence is part of growing up; however, this also comes with great responsibility. Most teenagers go through driver’s education classes. Many parents have read the statistics on teenage car accident rates. What can be done to keep not only the driver but the other passengers in the vehicle safe?

It Starts with the Preparation

When it comes to teen driving, the process starts before ever setting foot in a motor vehicle. Some teenagers might feel invincible, contributing to unsafe driving habits. For other young drivers, they might not be mature enough to handle a motor vehicle. Remember that cars are heavy and, when moving at even modest speeds, they are a weapon. It is important for teenagers to understand the danger that this poses to themselves, their passengers, and even those outside of the car. With this goal in mind, it is vital for every teenager to practice driving as much as possible. Whether it is a teacher, a parent, or even an older sibling or family friend, teenagers should practice with an experienced adult. The more time behind the wheel practicing with a responsible adult driver the better.

Selecting the Right Car for Teen Driving

Next, it is important for parents to invest in the right car for their child. Not all vehicles are created equally. Some older vehicles, while cheaper, might not have the safety features necessary to keep their child safe in the event of an auto accident. Other cars might be too heavy for an inexperienced driver to control. Try to find a safe vehicle that is easy for a new driver to handle.

Safety Tips Inside of the Car

With the right attitude and the right vehicle, it is time for teenagers to understand the most important rules of being in the driver’s seat. Some of the important guidelines that parents should enforce include:

  • Everyone in the car, including the driver, needs to have their seatbelt clicked before the car starts.
  • Furthermore, the number of passengers needs to be limited. Every passenger should have a seatbelt.
  • The drinking age is 21 and nobody should ever drink and drive.
  • Illicit drug use is illegal and driving while under the influence of prescription medications or street drugs dramatically increases the chances of a car accident taking place.
  • Do not text and drive. Cell phones are only for absolute emergencies while driving.
  • Make sure that teenagers are prepared for poor weather conditions that can reduce friction on the road and make it difficult to see.

Following these simple guidelines can keep teenagers safe while on the road. If an auto accident takes place, make sure to speak with a Sacramento car accident lawyer. No family should ever have to be alone following a motor vehicle accident involving their child. Speak to a trained attorney today. You and your family could be deserving of significant financial compensation.

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