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Knee Trauma in an Auto Accident

The job of the knee is to allow the leg to bend backward and forward. The knee also needs to support the weight of the upper body. Because of the regularity with which people use their knees, damage to these joints can result in some severe quality of life issues. Some of the ways in which knees can be injured in an auto accident included:

Achilles Rupture in an Auto Accident

The Achilles tendon often referred to as the Achilles heel, is a band of muscular tissue on the back of the foot. It connects the heel of the foot to the lower leg. When people contract their Achilles tendon, it allows the foot to press downward. Some of the most common mechanisms of Achilles tendon ruptures include:

Dodge Challenger Fares Poorly in Crash Tests

Dodge Challenger is one of the most deadly cars on the road, according to research by, an automotive ranking firm. While the Nissan Versa is next in the queue, the Dodge Challenger tops the list. In short, it has two times the number of fatal accidents than any other car in its category. Its rate of deadly accidents is 18.3, compared to 8.7 for the Versa. To get a clear understanding of why the Challenger and similar types of vehicles are so deadly, let’s peer into the world of safety as it pertains to this class of vehicles. We’ll also check out the vehicles that are more deadly in one part of the country compared to other geographical areas nationwide. If you are in the Sacramento – Stockton – Modesto area, you might want to pay attention.

Complications of a Broken Hand in an Auto Accident

The hand is an intricate structure of multiple bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. All of these parts are supplied with oxygen and nutrients via many small blood vessels. If any of these structures are disrupted, people could lose some of the motor or sensory functions of their hand. If somebody sustains a severe injury to the hand in a car accident, there are serious complications that might result.

Trouble Sleeping After an Auto Accident

After a severe auto accident, individuals might notice that they’re having trouble sleeping. Sleep plays an essential role in the recovery process after a long day. Proper sleep allows the neurons of the brain to rest and recharge. Some of the symptoms of difficulty sleeping include:

Tire Blowouts: How They Happen

Tire blowouts are a common reason for drivers to lose control of their vehicle. This can occur with any type of motor vehicle. Blowouts happen because a tire suddenly loses pressure for a number of reasons, including lack of tire maintenance or defective manufacturing. It is important to know how to control the vehicle once a tire blowout occurs. It is also necessary to learn about proper tire inflation and when they need to be replaced in order to prevent accidents due to tire blowouts.

Car Fire Accident on Highway 99

A car fire accident on May 10 halted traffic on Highway 99 near the Fruitridge off-ramp. Several vehicles were involved in the accident. One vehicle, an unmanned Dodge pickup, started the melee when it caught fire slightly before 2:00 p.m. Ten minutes later, the Dodge was engulfed in flames. Another vehicle passing by the pickup also caught fire, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). A nearby Mustang sedan was also involved in the accident.

Car Accident Documentation You Need

Having car accident documentation is important following a collision whether you are pursuing a personal injury claim or dealing with the insurance company. After all, it has to be proven that the other driver or entity was at fault in order to make a claim. You also need documentation of your medical expenses and time lost at work. Without either of those things, you may not be able to claim fair compensation for your injuries. An experienced car accident lawyer’s job is to prove fault in an accident and help you compile the medical and other expenses. The lawyer will also ensure that your claim is filed before the statute of limitations runs out.

Car Accident Injuries and Crash Types

Car accident injuries depend significantly on the type of accident you have, the speed and whether safety restraints are used. For instance, a head-on collision is usually fatal while a rear end crash is not. Yet, each set of accident injuries can be disabling to some measure. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over 3 million individuals are injured in traffic collisions each year. So, let’s look at what happens with different types of accidents and what you might expect.

Sacramento County Fair: Fun for All

Everyone is looking forward to this year’s Sacramento County Fair, which is scheduled for May 23 through 27 over the Memorial Day weekend. It will be held at Cal Expo, located at 1600 Exposition Boulevard. Grandstand events will include the Monster Truck Tour on Friday, the 23rd, and bull riding events on Saturday. From carnival rides and entertainment to the livestock show and contests, it promises to be a lot of fun. However, accident injuries can occur anywhere. When they are caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to obtain fair compensation to pay your expenses.