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Smart Tips for Improving Vitality at Any Age

As we age, we often feel the need to slow down, but it really isn’t necessary. Thanks to the widespread availability of affordable health supplements, inexpensive exercise options, and bedroom enhancements that help us achieve better sleep, seniors today have more tools than ever to promote well-being. We can use these to enjoy life and stay healthy no matter how many candles we blow out on our birthday cake. Here are just a few. 

3 Reasons to Talk with Seniors About Long-Term Care

Helping a loved one plan for long-term care can be a challenging conversation to start. Seniors have enough reminders of their mortality — and we certainly don’t want to think about our family members getting sick and needing care. This is one of many reasons we tend to avoid having this hard talk. In fact, while 70 percent of seniors say they don’t want to be a burden, less than 50 percent have talked with their family about their wants and needs for long-term care and final arrangements.

Do you need a reason to get the conversation started? How about three: Medicare, modifications, and money.

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