Surgery for a Maisonneuve Fracture

Surgery for a Maisonneuve Fracture – Regardless of how serious a car accident may appear to be, significant injuries can occur at any time. Sometimes, car accidents happen for reasons that are completely out of the driver’s control. Some recent statistics on car accidents published by Driver Knowledge include:

  • Nearly six million car accidents occur in the United States every year.
  • About half of these car accidents will lead to serious injuries, with about two-thirds of these injuries being permanent.
  • More than 3,000 people are killed in auto accidents each year, which amounts to around 90 fatalities every day.

These statistics are eye-opening and help to highlight the severe nature of car accidents. Even those who survive a car accident can still wind up with significant injuries that require the attention of a medical professional. Some of these are bone fractures, which can range from a small hairline fracture that requires a sling or a cast to a shattered bone that needs surgical repair. One example of the latter is called a Maisonneuve fracture.

What is a Maisonneuve Fracture?

While there many different bone fractures, a Maisonneuve fracture is one of the most serious. People sustain this injury when their leg is both externally rotated (rotated to the side) and pronated at the same time. This extreme force leads to this devastating fracture, which is characterized by:

  • A spiral fracture of the fibula
  • A fracture of the medial malleolus
  • A torn deltoid ligament

People who suffer this injury often experience extreme trauma, such as an auto accident or a motorcycle accident. On an x-ray, these fractures are easily visualized. The ankle joint often appears wider on imaging because of the torn ligaments.

How is a Maisonneuve Fracture Repaired?

Once this injury is diagnosed, more imaging is needed to plan for a surgical repair. X-rays of the entire leg are obtained from multiple views to assess the extent of the spiral fractures and plan a surgical approach. After this, the patient is taken to an operating room. Screws and plates are used to hold the fibular fractures together. If the medial malleolus has been displaced, this is held in place with plates and screws as well. In most cases, the torn ligaments will heal on their own. In some cases, additional tissue could be taken from somewhere else to fashion a new ligament. Once the surgery is done, extensive physical therapy is required to help the individual learn how to walk again.

Help from a Lawyer

When a loved one requires surgery for a severe bone fracture, families can have a lot of questions and concerns about the process. This can place families under a large amount of stress. When a family is trying to recover from an accident with serious injuries, it is essential to make sure that the crash has been investigated thoroughly. For this reason, take some time to meet with a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. You and your family could be entitled to financial compensation.

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Surgery for a Maisonneuve Fracture:

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