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Strokes Can Occur With A Femur Fracture

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December 28, 2017
Edward Smith


Strokes Can Occur With A Femur Fracture

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Injury Lawyer. When someone is involved in a car accident, they are at risk of developing many different types of injuries. One type of traumatic injury is a femur fracture. While this is a serious bone injury, there are also several different complications that can develop. One review article discussed how someone can develop a stroke after breaking their leg in a car crash.

An Auto Accident Can Lead to a Broken Leg

There are many ways that an auto accident can happen. These include being run off of the road by a distracted driver, being hit by a drunk driver, and even accidents involving large commercial truck drivers. Regardless of the type of accident, there are traumatic injuries that can result, including bone fractures. When someone collides with a car or object in front of them, the front of their car will collapse in an effort to spread out the force of the accident over a longer period of time. If someone has slammed on their brakes before striking the car or object in front, their legs will be rolled up as their cars collapse. The force from the auto accident is transmitted up their legs and can lead to a serious fracture. The femur is the thigh bone, one of the thickest bones in the body, and it takes a tremendous amount of force to break this bone. While the pain from this broken bone will prevent someone from walking, there are also many complications that can develop. A recent review article discussed how someone can develop strokes from a broken leg.

A Review Article: Strokes Can Develop

A review article was published discussing how a stroke can develop when someone breaks their leg. When someone snaps their femur, the bone marrow on the inside of the bone is exposed to the bloodstream. There are small particles in the bone marrow that are released into the blood. The blood then carries these particles throughout the body. When these particles reach the carotid artery, they can travel to the brain. In the brain, these particles can become lodged in the arteries and veins in the neurological system. This can obstruct the flow of blood to the brain and deprive the tissues of much-needed oxygen. When this happens, a stroke can develop. In this fashion, complications from the fracture can cause a stroke, leading to serious brain damage.

Recovery From Both Injuries is Extensive

When someone is trying to recover from a broken leg, the last thing that they need is to suffer a stroke on top of this. Unfortunately, this can happen and the recovery from both injuries can take some time. As someone tries to recover from a broken leg, they will be asked not to bear weight on the bone as it heals. When this happens, the muscles in their legs can deteriorate. This means that someone will need to strengthen the muscles in their leg as they learn how to walk again. This can be made significantly harder if someone has a stroke that damages their motor or sensory function during their recovery. The recovery from a stroke can be extensive as well, requiring multiple visits to physical therapy and rehabilitation in the process.

Legal Action For Complications From Injuries

When someone suffers a serious injury, such as a femur fracture, the bills from this injury can be significant, particularly if someone has a large deductible or coinsurance; however, the complications that can result from these injuries can be even more expensive. Examples of costs which someone can incur from a stroke include:

Rehabilitation: A stroke can lead to permanent loss of motor and sensory function. Someone can wind up in rehabilitation for an extended period of time as they try to regain these lost functions. These visits to therapy can be expensive and insurance may not cover the costs.

Loss of Income: If someone has suffered a serious brain injury, they may not be able to return to work. This can lead to a loss of income which can leave a family struggling to try and make their ends meet.

Chronic Pain: When someone has a serious stroke, they can have chronic pain that requires medication for the rest of their life. These doctors’ visits and medications can be expensive, particularly if someone requires them for the long-term.

These are only a few of the examples of costs which someone may have to pay for if they have serious complications from their injuries. When this happens, it can be helpful to meet with a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer to discuss the options available for covering these costs. An injury lawyer can help hold a neglectful party or corporation responsible for the injuries and the complications that result from them. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when it is needed because nobody should ever feel alone.


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