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March 31, 2019
Edward Smith

Stomach Pain After a Motor Vehicle Collision

Stomach pain following a motor vehicle accident can range in its severity and its presentation. Sometimes, individuals develop a sharp, shooting, and severe pain immediately after the crash. In other situations, the abdominal pain could come on gradually over a period of weeks or months. This can make it hard for individuals to judge the severity of their abdominal pain or figure out why their stomach hurts. If an individual develops stomach pain following an auto accident, it is essential to differentiate the medical emergencies that might require surgery from a minor injury.

Stomach Pain Caused by Stress

Some people develop stomach pain due to issues brought on by stress. Furthermore, stress ulcers can actually lead to severe stomach pain. Individuals might even begin to vomit blood. As tension builds, the acid production in the stomach increases. This excess stomach acid erodes through the lining of the stomach, creating an ulcer. The ulcer starts to bleed, causing intense pain. When people vomit, they see the red blood and are understandably concerned. Ulcers can be managed with medications; however, those who are under a significant amount of stress after an accident should see a mental health professional.

An Emergency that Builds Slowly

In other situations, stomach pain could build slowly and gradually over time. In this case, it could be a sign of a damaged organ or of a damaged blood vessel that has been slowly leaking fluid over time. Large bruises may start to appear on the abdomen that mandates the attention of a doctor. Internal organ or blood vessel damage could occur following a car accident; however, the problems might not manifest until later. Furthermore, stomach pain might be the only symptom. If something feels off, particularly if bruising is present on the abdomen, medical attention is necessary.

An Acute, Life-Threatening Injury

Sometimes, stomach pain is evident and severe at the scene of the collision. This could stem from:

  • Blunt abdominal trauma leading to damage to multiple organs under the surface.
  • A penetrating abdominal wound that causes extensive damage to internal structures.

Either of these injuries can lead to the rupture of internal abdominal organs which is a life-threatening medical emergency.

Watch YouTube Video: 7 Signs Your Stomach Pain Could Be Something Serious.  This video provides seven symptoms of stomach pain that may signal something more serious.

Help from an Attorney

Stomach pain can be a difficult symptom for medical professionals to tease through. There are many different causes which all range in severity. An abdominal injury following an accident could be severe, and families need to seek medical care. After this, it is also a good idea to meet with a Sacramento car accident lawyer. Some of the resources that an injury attorney can share include:

  • Review of accident records and the various details.
  • Assistance in making objective decisions after a severe accident.
  • The pursuit of damages related to injuries, pain, and suffering.
  • Taking a case to trial when necessary.

Families should ask for help from a car accident lawyer in Sacramento following a serious accident. You could be owed a financial award.

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