Stockton Road Safety

Stockton Road Safety

Stockton Road Safety

Stockton Road Safety

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton personal injury lawyer. Ever wonder who is responsible for Stockton road safety? This article discusses the responsibilities of the Stockton Public Works Department in keeping our streets safe.

Duty of Care to Properly Maintain Stockton Streets

In many traffic accidents and fatalities, one of the drivers might be found responsible and receive a ticket for his or her negligence or poor driving decisions. However, in other cases, the city, state or federal government might fail to fulfill their duty of care to the residents when they do not properly maintain the streets, lights or other areas in their jurisdiction that could affect motorists. For example, a burnt-out traffic signal could easily confuse a driver, resulting in a serious accident that might not be either party’s fault. However, assigning liability can prove challenging without the insight of a skilled personal injury lawyer with the background to know when the city has not lived up to the expected standard of care.

An Overview of the Stockton Public Works Municipal Service Center

The Stockton Public Works Municipal Service Center is responsible to maintain the following:

  • Street lights
  • Sewer problems or plugged storm drains
  • Street trees
  • Traffic signals
  • Potholes
  • Park maintenance problems
  • Damage to curbs, gutters or sidewalks and
  • Illegal dumping.

The center is open weekdays from 6 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Even so, problems often occur after hours and might not be reported until an accident happens. The Stockton Fire Department Dispatch Center handles after hours emergencies, including:

  • Traffic signal issues
  • Street flooding
  • Overflowing manholes or
  • Stop signs that have been knocked over.


However, the average citizen might not report a burnt-out traffic light or missing stop sign until an accident happens. The city could be liable in these cases and need to pay for any damages to the victims, including possible pain and suffering, depending on the injury. A seasoned personal injury lawyer can further investigate the reasons for an accident, thoroughly examining all aspects of the case.

Personal Injury Attorney Serving Stockton

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