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December 17, 2015
Edward Smith

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Music Artist Sting Requires Neck Surgery

The 64-year-old music legend Sting recently revealed he is tying up loose ends so he can present himself for surgery. This after he suffered a painful neck injury on September 20, 2015, at the WWE Night of Champions. Sting entered the ring in a match with Seth Rollins. During that match, Sting suffered a whiplash injury which he adamantly blames on no one but himself. Sting told Ric Flair in an interview that he experienced two “buckle bombs” in the ring where his neck whiplashed. He described symptoms associated with his whiplash injury. Sting revealed he felt a shocking sensation running down both sides of his body. He had the sensation of not having control over his legs. Sort of like a temporary paralysis. He sought treatment from a surgeon and revealed he will be having surgery soon.

Watch Youtube Video: STING INJURED AT 2015 WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS. In the video below Ashley Allen gives a blow-by-blow account of what happened during the world heavyweight match between Sting and Seth Rollins. Sting needs neck surgery to repair the damage that resulted. Video courtesy of our friends at NESN.Com

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury to a person’s neck. It is usually caused by a forceful and rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. This type of injury is most common in a rear-end auto collision. However, as in Sting’s case, we see whiplash injury resulting from a sporting accident. Symptoms of a whiplash injury may include pain and stiffness in the neck. Headaches are also a common factor.  In Sting’s whiplash injury we see how he experienced chronic neck pain and other more serious symptoms.

Watch Youtube Video: Whiplash Injury May Be Cause For Mexican Wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramirez’s Death. What we are looking at in the video below is the animation of what happens to the neck is a whiplash injury. This video is courtesy of News Direct.  This particular video is related to the late wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramirez.

Whiplash Symptoms After Auto Accident

Many victims of car accidents experience neck pain. Seeking medical attention soon after your injury is the best way to determine if you’ve suffered a whiplash injury. It is not wise to assume you are okay if you feel no symptoms after a violent or sudden jolting of your neck. Many times, the painful symptoms will show up later. Sometimes weeks later. Protect yourself and your injury claim by seeking prompt medical attention after being involved in an auto accident.

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