State Farm Insurance Office Crash

State Farm Insurance Office Crash

State Farm Insurance Office Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto personal injury attorney. A motorist was driving in a parking lot when the unexpected occurred. The motorist coincidentally crashes into an office for an automobile insurance company.

What Happened?

A motorist was behind the wheel of his Dodge Neon driving in the Ceres Plaza Shopping Center along East Hatch Road. The motorist was driving west in the parking lot when he lost control of his vehicle. The motorist stated that he attempted to use his brakes for his vehicle but the brakes failed to function. The motorist then drove between two parked vehicles which resulted in side damage for both vehicles. The driver then moved his vehicle south where he crashed through a break room for a State Farm Insurance office.

Watch YouTube Video – By Modesto Bee: Car Crashes Through State Farm Building in Ceres

As you can see in the video, the Dodge Neon that crashed into the State Farm Building sustained severe body damage. The video also shows the vehicle being towed away from the scene.

Was Anybody in the Break Room?

There were employees in the break room of the State Farm Insurance office. One of the employees, Vanessa Monteiro, recalls that she was sitting at a table in the break room when she heard a loud crash. The Dodge Neon had crashed into the table where Monteiro was seated and she landed on a couch. Monteiro quickly attempted to assist the driver out of the vehicle. However, the table she was sitting at was preventing the driver from opening his door.

Was Anybody Injured?

Vanessa Monteiro stated that the motorist in the Dodge Neon was uninjured after the crash. Details regarding the condition of the driver have not been fully released at this time. However, it is apparent in the video from above that the airbags in the vehicle’s steering wheel deployed as a result of the collision. Thankfully, Monteiro nor any of her co-workers sustained injuries in the crash.

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