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May 23, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident at Stockton Boulevard Intersection Caused by Reckless Driver

A speeding driver in Sacramento on May 21 ended up causing two fatalities. The fatal accident was the culmination of two vehicles driving recklessly around Stockton Boulevard and 47th Avenue, according to officials with the Sacramento Police Department. Officers began a short pursuit of the vehicles with sirens and lights on in an attempt to get the drivers to stop. 

Speeding Driver Causes Fatality Accident

One of the reckless driver’s cars struck another vehicle uninvolved in the pursuit. Two people died in that collision. Officials have recently identified the decedents as 54-year-old Binh Nguyen of Sacramento and 46-year-old Tien Le of Sacramento. A GoFundMe page has been created on behalf of the Le and Nguyen families. 

In addition, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers reported the high-speed driver suffered major injuries in the crash. The second car that was being pursued fled the scene. The CHP is investigating to locate that second driver.

A Speeding Driver Often Leads to Traffic Accidents With Serious Injuries

A speeding driver is a common cause of severe injuries and fatalities in traffic accidents. In 2019, the California Office of Public Safety reported that 3,137 people were either killed or injured in Sacramento County with speeding as a factor in the crashes. So why do people speed? The following reasons given were in response to an insurance company survey:

  • About two-thirds of respondents said the roads weren’t busy, so they felt it was safe to speed.
  • Almost half said they were such good drivers, they didn’t consider speeding a risk for them.
  • A little more than one-third said they did not see any police presence, so they were less concerned about getting ticketed.
  • One quarter responded by saying the speed limits were too low.
  • About 17 percent said they just wanted to see how fast their vehicle could go.

Filing a Claim to Recover Compensation Following a Wrongful Death

For whatever the reason, a speeding driver leads to many wrongful deaths each year, which leave behind grieving families. For many, they not only face the tragic loss of someone they love but find that their income is badly damaged, which makes it harder to pay their bills. By calling our office to arrange a free consultation with one of our injury lawyers, your family can find out if they can place a wrongful death claim to recover damages. It will not help ease their grief, of course, but can help hold the at-fault party responsible and allow the family to move forward. Areas where compensation can be recovered include:

  • The wages the decedent would have received until their retirement can be claimed, which also includes any pension and insurance benefits.
  • The funeral and burial costs can be recovered.
  • The spouse that survives may claim loss of consortium, moral support and help provided by the decedent.
  • Children in the family may claim compensation for the loss of guidance and nurturing the decedent provided.
  • If any of the decedent’s offspring have died, their children may claim compensation.
  • Should the decedent have no children or spouse, other family members may claim compensation, such as the parents and siblings.

An injury lawyer can help the family recover fair compensation by negotiating for them with the insurance company. If no agreement is reached, the case can be handled in civil court.

Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer

I am Ed Smith, and I’m a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. When your loved one was taken away from you by a negligent driver, your family may wish to find out if they can recover compensation. Contact our injury lawyers for free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400. We can also be reached at (800) 404-5400 or by sending us an online message. We can schedule a free appointment for you, either in person or virtually, to review your case, answer questions and inform you about options to recover damages.

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