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Solo Vehicle Accident in Del Paso Heights Causes Fatality 

Solo Vehicle Accident in Del Paso Heights Causes Fatality 

A solo vehicle accident in Del Paso Heights on August 30 resulted in one fatality and left a passenger in the car with significant injuries. The Sacramento Police Department reported that the accident happened around the area of Del Paso Boulevard near Juliesse Avenue when the sedan, traveling north on Del Paso, ran into a retaining wall located at the intersection with Juliesse. A woman involved in the accident succumbed to her injuries and was declared dead by emergency responders at the scene. The other individual involved in the collision was transported to a hospital for treatment and further evaluation of their injuries. Local motorists were asked to stay away from the area while police investigated the accident scene. Moreover, the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office has identified the decedent as 38-year-old Trisha Franklin.

What an Attorney Can Do

In a solo vehicle accident of this type, it is essential to have an attorney at your side. Solo vehicle accidents can be complicated by unanswered questions, and it is easy to make wrongful assumptions. That is why we review police records for accuracy. We also scour the area for evidence, make sure there are no auto defects that might have caused the accident, interview witnesses, and obtain video footage. Our investigators search the area to see if another vehicle was involved. Once this data is accumulated, we turn it over to our legal team who use it to build a strong case against the defendant. 

Facing Grief After a Wrongful Death

It is difficult for a family to face the loss of a loved one. It is even harder if that person died due to negligence in a vehicle accident. The grief can be overwhelming, affecting every aspect of their life. Some ways to deal with grief include:

  • Many people feel a sense of anger that their loved one was taken from them in an accident due to another’s negligence. This is a natural response. It is vital to deal with this anger constructively. An attorney can help you sort through the possibilities that are open to you. One way to do this is to file a wrongful death claim against the negligent party. This may include the manufacturer defect that may have been present, causing the accident. If there was a manufacturer defect, the carmaker could be held responsible for the accident. If another vehicle caused the accident or if road conditions were responsible for the crash, we search for clues proving their involvement. 
  • Deal with the grief: The way people deal with grief varies from one individual to another. The important thing is that you deal with it. Talk to friends and relatives about what happened and how you feel. Reach out to a trained counselor if you feel the need. 
  • Take care of yourself: Between the numerous things that need to be done after someone dies and your own grief, it is easy to forget about taking care of yourself. Eat properly and try to get enough sleep.
  • Maintain a schedule: Both you and your children need to maintain a consistent schedule once the funeral has passed. This may feel like an insurmountable task, but it is essential. Our bodies function on a daily rhythm, and it is harmful to deviate. 

Solo Vehicle Accident

On occasion, an accident involves a single vehicle. These can be caused by a number of factors, including driver error. There are other reasons an accident can occur. As mentioned above, reasons for a solo accident also includes auto defects and another vehicle. However, there are a few more things that can act as a causative agent. They are:

  • Road conditions: This is a common problem. Issues range from a non-functioning traffic light or hidden stop sign to potholes or debris scattered on the road. All of these problems should be addressed by the government agency in charge of road maintenance and operation. If they are not, the agency in charge can be held responsible for your accident, and a claim can be filed. The time limit to file against a government entity differs from that of other claims. Your attorney will ensure that all documents are filed on time.
  • Unavoidable accidents: Such accidents happen when the driver is forced to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting something or someone in the road. This can include a dog or a pedestrian. For example, a pedestrian can dart out in front of your vehicle, making you veer off the road. In this case, the pedestrian may be held responsible for the single-vehicle crash.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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