Smaller Vehicle Trapped in Roseville Crash With Big Rig

Accident on SR 65 Wedges Sedan Against Big Rig

A big rig crash with a small sedan happened in Roseville on August 29. The collision occurred around 11:14 a.m. on southbound State Route 65 just south of the Pleasant Grove on-ramp. Although it is yet unknown how the collision occurred, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that a Kia Rio, which is a small sedan, was wedged parallel in the grill of a semi. 

Big Rig Accident Being Investigated by CHP

Firefighters and first responders with the Roseville Fire Department were called to the truck accident scene. The southbound lanes of SR 65 were blocked by the big rig crash. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to determine fault and how the big rig crash happened. 

How Accidents Involving a Big Rig Occur

Truckers can get in accidents many of the same ways those in passenger vehicles do. Some of the reasons a truck driver in a big rig can cause an accident include the following:

  • Driver error: The truck driver is not immune to making mistakes as he navigates the highways. In many cases, this occurs due to a lack of proper training among truck drivers. Additionally, some truckers may abuse illicit or over-the-counter drugs, resulting in poor decision-making. 
  • Fatigue: Long hours of driving without rest can lead to fatigued driving. Despite federal rules limiting their driving hours, many do not abide by them. To get the product to market as soon as possible, they give in to trucking company pressure. 
  • Shoddy truck maintenance: A lack of proper maintenance is responsible for 40 percent of truck accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Many accidents are caused by things like worn tires and poorly functioning brakes. Trucking companies may be held responsible if they fail to provide proper maintenance that causes an accident resulting in injuries or fatalities. Outside mechanics can also be sued for negligence if they make mistakes during maintenance checks and repairs.
  • A poor driver vetting process: The shortage in truck drivers around the country has been ongoing for the past few years, which can make trucking companies lax about whom they hire to drive for them. New drivers must be thoroughly vetted by the trucking company planning to hire them. Checking for previous accidents and traffic citations is part of this process.
  • Government neglect: Cities and states are responsible for maintaining roads properly, including repairing potholes and other accident-causing issues. An injured party can sue the government entity if this is not done. There is a short deadline of six months for filing this type of claim after which the case will not be heard. Injuries are complicated, so it is important to have an accident attorney to help you file all the necessary documents on time.

Roseville Injury Lawyers

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