Slipped Disc in an Auto Accident

Slipped Disc in an Auto Accident

A slipped disc is one of the many different types of spinal cord injuries that might occur in an auto accident. The spinal cord is protected by a number of bony projections comfortably. The job of these vertebrae is to shield the fragile spinal cord nerves from trauma. In between these vertebrae are cushions that prevent the bones from rubbing against each other. These cushions are called discs. Discs are filled with a soft fluid that provides them with some flexibility. Some of the examples of spinal cord injuries that might occur in a car accident include:

  • A pinched or compressed spinal nerve
  • A compression fracture of one or more vertebrae
  • Complete transection of the spinal cord itself
  • The development of a spinal cord cyst
  • A slipped or herniated spinal cord disc in an auto accident

If someone suffers a slipped disc, this can lead to a variety of symptoms depending on the degree and severity of the injury. There is some basic information about a slipped disc in an auto accident that everyone should keep in mind.

How Does a Slipped Disc in an Auto Accident Occur?

A slipped disc occurs when one or more discs of the spinal cord slide out from their proper anatomic location. This causes the liquid inside of the disc to start to leak. Some of the ways that this might occur include:

  • Extreme flexion or extension of the neck damages one or more of the discs
  • Blunt force trauma to the neck or back
  • A penetrating injury of the spinal cord

Some of the symptoms of a herniated disc include shooting pains down the arms or legs, trouble moving the neck or back, and numbness in certain locations throughout the body. These symptoms come from compression and damage to the nerves of the spinal cord. The liquid from the disc can sometimes irritate the nerves of the spine, leading to the symptoms above.

What is the Treatment of a Slipped Disc?

Anyone who presents the symptoms discussed above following an auto accident should see a doctor. If the doctor is concerned that a slipped disc might have occurred, he or she is probably going to order imaging of the back. This could be a CT scan or an MRI which might demonstrate a slipped disc.

Once the slipped disc has been diagnosed, the treatment process can begin. Initially, many slipped discs are treated with pain medication. This often includes anti-inflammatory medicine such as Tylenol and Motrin. Individuals are also encouraged to enroll in physical therapy to try to help with the discomfort.

If medical management fails, surgery is also an option. In this surgical procedure, a trained orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon will open up the back, revealing the slipped disc. Then, the fragments of the disc are removed. In many cases, the vertebrae above and below the disc are fused together to prevent friction between the vertebrae and relieve the symptoms. Physical therapy is often needed after this procedure to complete the recovery process.

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

A slipped disc is only one example of many different types of spinal cord injuries that might occur in a car accident. Some of these injuries might require surgery to correct. Having a loved one who requires surgery on their spinal cord can be a stressful event. Families might have questions about the procedure, the recovery process, and the prognosis. This is a lot for anyone to handle, and people need to remember to ask for help from a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the ways that an experienced attorney can help include:

  • Providing an objective, professional presence who can help families assess all of the information and make appropriate decisions
  • Helping families pursue damages related to the accident, the injuries, and their complications
  • Moving a case to trial when required

Help is always available, and families should not have to face this situation alone. Set up a meeting with a Sacramento car accident lawyer today. Your family might be entitled to a reward.

Watch YouTube Video: Q&A – Herniated/ Slipped Disc: Slipped disc questions answered by Amit Jain, M.D., Johns Hopkins spine surgeon.

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