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Six-Vehicle Auto Accident in Fairfield Injures Five People

Six-Vehicle Auto Accident in Fairfield Leaves Five Injured

Five people suffered injuries during a six-vehicle auto accident in Fairfield that happened during the morning of Saturday, June 20, 2020. According to reports from the Fairfield Fire Department (FFD), one person was severely hurt and another suffered moderate trauma while three others were left with minor injuries. The cause of the accident remains under a California Highway Patrol (CHP) investigation at this time.

Crash Information

The collision occurred on the westbound side of Highway Interstate 80 just past the junction located at Airbase Parkway at around 11:30 a.m. Witnesses reported that they saw several vehicles racing on westbound 80 prior to the accident. One of the vehicles allegedly traveling at a high speed reportedly struck a pickup truck that had been towing a trailer. As a result of the accident, the vehicle swerved onto the highway shoulder and ejected an occupant onto the road before colliding with a nearby embankment.

Further details about how four other vehicles became involved in the accident have not been reported.


Directly following the accident, over one dozen individuals stopped on the freeway in order to remove the ejected party from the highway and assist another injured person from the same vehicle. When emergency responders arrived, they found a total of five injured parties and had all of them transported to a local hospital to receive immediate medical attention. Reportedly, officials declared the accident a level 1 mass casualty incident.


Authorities of CHP are still working to determine all of the factors involved in this accident. So far, no causal factors have been confirmed by investigators. In response to the accident, FFD released a statement urging local drivers to use caution and follow speed limits on Solano County roads.

Additionally, many accidents like this one involve multiple causes and many common accident factors aren’t things drivers have any ability to control. Non-driver vehicle accident factors include defective car parts like accelerators or steering systems as well as roadways with serious pavement issues, dangerous design, or other problems.

Contacting An Attorney for Personal Injury

Car accident injuries often have a serious impact on people’s lives. In many cases, people injured during accidents need to be given extensive medical care that can include multiple surgeries, physical therapy, medications, and more. Altogether, all of the necessary medical expenses can add up to a huge bill that crash survivors may not be able to afford.

For this reason, it is very important to reach out to an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible following a serious crash. Often, collision survivors can obtain the compensation they need to cover medical expenses as well as things like lost wages, damaged property, and more. Even if you are unsure whether or not your case is right for a Fairfield personal injury lawyer, most attorneys offer free phone consultations where you can get the advice you need to make informed legal decisions.

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