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Single-Vehicle Crash Ends up on Top of a Storage Container

Driver Ends up in Precarious Position Following Off-Road Collision

An unusual single-vehicle crash occurred in Napa on January 30 after a driver lost control of his vehicle, which ended up on top of a 12-foot-high storage container. The accident happened around 5:00 in the morning along Highway 29. According to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver of a blue Honda lost control of their vehicle and careened off the roadway. 

Driver Arrested for Suspected Intoxication in Single-Vehicle Crash

The Honda crashed through a shed along Laurel Street and then struck two work trucks and a trailer before going airborne and coming to a rest on the top of the storage container. The CHP called in a crane to remove the vehicle from the top of the shed. The 21-year-old driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries and then placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence. No other injuries occurred in the single-vehicle crash. 

Similar Accident in the Same Area Reported a Year Earlier 

One officer at the scene said seeing the vehicle on top of the shed looked like something out of the movies. Another man, who is a property owner at the storage yard, said a similar accident occurred last year. The vehicle and driver involved in that single-vehicle crash ran into several trucks and cars, including knocking the engine out of one, demolishing a fence. 

Drunk Driving Leads to Many Collisions

In the single-vehicle crash above, others were lucky not to have been injured. However, not everyone is as fortunate. Drunk drivers are responsible for many accident injuries and fatalities every year. Even small amounts of alcohol in a driver’s system can cause dangerous changes that can end up in an accident. Drunk drivers can cause serious injuries or fatalities for a variety of reasons, including the following effects of alcohol: 

  • Even small amounts of alcohol can affect a driver’s ability to multitask and their eyesight.
  • Coordination becomes reduced as well as the ability to steer and track with their eyes.
  • When a driver measures 0.08, they are legally drunk. This results in the driver having problems processing information, affects concentration and difficulties arise in controlling the speed of the vehicle.
  • Above the legal limit for drunk driving, the motorist reacts more slowly, weaves in and out of their lane and experiences problems braking. 
  • Once the driver reaches a 0.15 BAC level, they can no longer remain balanced, have less control over their muscles, and show a large decline in their vision and hearing.

Obtaining Evidence to Support a Claim for Injuries

Injured parties who are filing a compensation claim for their injuries can use a drunk driving conviction as compelling evidence in their case. Additionally, the injury lawyer obtains evidence to support the client’s compensation claim, including:

  • During accident reconstruction, the investigators identify the positions of the vehicles before the collision, at the moment of impact and afterward. When determining fault, the civil court and insurance companies use accident reconstruction evidence.
  • In a drunk driving case, the police accident report must be checked for accuracy, since errors could prevent the client from being compensated.
  • Interviews are conducted with any witnesses who saw the collision. Cell phones may have been used by witnesses to capture the accident in real-time.
  • To find out if the accident was captured on video, traffic cameras in the area are located. Video evidence can be subpoenaed if it is relevant to the case.

Once our lawyers gather the evidence, they build a strong case for our clients that supports their compensation claim. 

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