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October 21, 2020
Edward Smith

Shasta County Highway Crash Causes Deadly Injuries

One person tragically lost his life during a Shasta County Highway crash that took place on Friday, October 16, 2020. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicated that the collision happened on Highway 299 in a rural area to the east of Redding and involved two separate passenger vehicles. County authorities are still withholding the decedent’s identity. In addition to the decedent, two other people were hospitalized, and one dog passed away as a result of the collision.

Crash Details

The accident happened during the day on the eastbound side of 299 just past Montgomery Creek. A small gray-colored Toyota sedan was driving east while a white-colored Dodge pickup truck was heading west, approaching the location of the first vehicle.

For reasons that remain unknown, the Dodge drifted left, crossing over the highway median. After the Dodge entered eastbound traffic, it collided head-on with the oncoming Toyota, causing extreme damage to the front ends of both vehicles. Following the initial crash, the Dodge ran off the road and collided head-on into a tree.


Responders were dispatched to the site directly after CHP was notified regarding the collision. Upon arrival at the scene, response officials determined that the Dodge driver was critically injured and had been trapped inside of the cabin of his vehicle as a result of the accident. Responders reportedly used heavy machinery to extricate the driver.

Sadly, the man and a dog in the pickup truck at the time of the crash were both pronounced deceased on-scene. Two occupants of the Toyota were discovered with significant injuries and were transported to nearby hospitals via ground ambulance.


CHP has reported that they are currently conducting a full-scale investigation into the possible causes of this accident. However, reports regarding suspected factors have not been made available. Collisions involving multiple cars frequently also involve more than one cause, and many common accident factors can’t be controlled by any of the involved drivers. These non-driver collision factors include driving on hazardous roads and defective vehicle parts.

Sadly, the job of investigating fatal car accidents is challenging for police officers, especially when one or more drivers can’t offer their testimony about what took place. In these situations, it’s possible that police will overlook evidence that could be a critical part of a wrongful death claim. To ensure that the crash receives a full investigation that prioritizes you and your family’s right to compensation, it’s important to seek help from a Redding wrongful death lawyer who has experience privately investigating fatal accidents.

Finding the Right Lawyer

Wrongful death claims are important, and families often rely on these claims to provide them with the compensation they need to recover for lost income, services, and more. Because of this, it is vital to know that your lawyer has the right skills and knowledge to handle your case. For information about finding a kind, competent attorney, watch this video:


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