Serious Injuries Reported in Stockton Auto Accident

Serious Injuries Reported in Stockton Auto Accident

Serious Injuries Reported in Stockton Auto Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton personal injury and car accident lawyer. At least one party suffered serious injuries in an auto accident along the Crosstown Freeway in Stockton on April 30, 2018. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that five vehicles were involved in a crash at approximately 3:48 pm underneath the overpass for Filbert Street. CHP preliminary reports indicated that one of the cars reportedly veered off the highway, traveled up an embankment and overturned. The collision caused traffic mayhem in the area as the disabled vehicles blocked two of the three eastbound lanes of Highway 4 along with vehicle parts scattered throughout the roadway. The extent of injuries involved has not yet been reported to the public. However, one party was transported to an area hospital in an unknown condition.

Multiple Vehicle Collision

A multiple vehicle collision, or also known as a chain reaction accident, often takes place when two or more vehicles strike one another in a series of rear-end crashes. Typically, these collisions occur due to the force of the initial accident causing multiple cars to push into each other. The area of concern for chain reaction accidents is pinpointing causation, which can be tricky in assigning liability to the parties involved. Factors that come into play may include:

  • Aggressive Driving: Better referred to as road rage or reckless driving. This is common along California roads and contributes to over 50 percent of our traffic fatalities (according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety). Characteristics of aggressive driving include running red lights, tailgating, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic and other similar-type violations
  • Distracted Driving: Any activity that diverts a driver’s attention from the road, including texting or making phone calls, drinking and eating, adjusting the vehicle stereo, tinkering with the navigation or entertainment system, is all defined as distracted driving. Distracted driving is hazardous and was found to be the leading cause of 3,450 traffic fatalities in 2016 alone (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).
  • Drunk Driving: Commonly known as “driving under the influence”, this term is used to reference alcohol-related driving behavior. Drunk driving was determined as a factor in 10,265, close to one-third, of all traffic deaths and accounted for more than 44 billion dollars in damages (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • Inclement Conditions: Drivers can face unique challenges when traveling in adverse weather conditions such as dense fog, high winds, heavy rainfall or snow. These conditions can raise various issues for motorists such as decreased traction and limited visibility, further increasing the risk of an auto accident. Drivers are advised to exercise due care by inspecting their vehicle equipment (e.g., tire tread, brake system, vehicle lights) and adjusting their speed to lower their chances of a having a car accident.

Car Accidents and Personal Injuries

Injuries from a car accident vary in terms of their severity and consequences. While some may be minor, others can be life-changing and result in significant financial hardship. Common injuries from car accidents include those involving soft tissue, cervical sprains, head trauma, upper and lower extremity wounds, chest contusions and impact to the spinal cord. Suffering any type of injury following a car accident can be stressful, especially when medical expenses and lost earnings are thrown into the mix. If you or a loved one has experienced this, it is essential to secure your right to fair compensation by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney in Stockton.

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