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December 31, 2014
Edward Smith

Although injuries and fatalities due to large truck and other vehicle crashes have decreased over the last ten years, motor vehicle injuries remain a leading cause of death in the US. The trucking accident attorneys at The Edward A Smith Law Offices are aware of the devastation caused by trucking collisions. When a truck weighing 10,000 pounds collides into a passenger vehicle, the results are often tragic resulting in injured victims and fatalities.

Careful analysis of crash studies clearly demonstrate some of the causes contributing to trucking collisions. Truck driving behavior along with a driver’s age and whether they go it alone on a long distance haul are factors that have been studied by the United States Department of Transportation and The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA).

The results of a study analyzing crashes showed solo semi truck drivers, aged 65 and over, were at highest risk for at-fault semi-trick collisions with other vehicles. Interestingly, the presence of passengers in the semi truck had a positive effect for semi truck drivers aged 65 and older particularly in long distance hauls. The study also found the following associated factors:

Curvy and graded roads increased the odds that the semi truck driver would be at fault in an semi-truck vehicle collision.

Daytime driving and driving on roads with low posted speed limits (35 mph and less) were associated with a higher probability of being at fault in an semi truck collision with another vehicle.

Some of the common errors made by truckers include:

• Driving too fast for conditions.
• Unfamiliarity with roads.
• Driver fatigue.
• Work-related pressure from employer.
• Illegal driving maneuver.
• Driver inattention.
• Distracted driving.
• Following too closely.
• Drug use.

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