Sacramento Vehicle Rollover Causes Major Injuries on U.S. 50

Driver on U.S. 50 Loses Control and Goes Off the Road

A vehicle rollover in Sacramento caused major injuries to a motorist on September 14 when the driver lost control and left the roadway. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) just before midnight along westbound U.S. 50 just west of the northbound Mather Field Road on-ramp. According to the accident report by the CHP, the vehicle overturned and passed down an embankment on the right-hand side into the trees after it took out 16 feet of fence and a pole. 

Major Injury Reported in Sacramento Rollover 

Because the area was so steep, the fire department was told it would require a ladder to get the injured party out of the vehicle. The vehicle ended up around 100 feet off the roadway, which required a tow truck to be sent to retrieve it and needed a lot of cable to recover it from the freeway side. An investigation by the CHP is ongoing to determine what caused the driver to lose control and crash.

Defective Auto Parts in a Vehicle Rollover

A rollover accident is one of the most dangerous types of traffic collisions and accounts for many ejections from a car or truck, which often result in death. Catastrophic injuries occur also in a vehicle rollover if the seat belt is defective and breaks or the airbags malfunction. In these cases, the manufacturer of those vehicle parts can be held responsible through an auto product liability lawsuit. Negligence in a product liability claim doesn’t have to be shown, only that the item was used as intended and unaltered.

Roof Crush in a Vehicle Rollover

Another danger of a vehicle rollover is roof crush. Manufacturers are required to produce vehicles whose roofs can withstand 3.5 times the weight of the vehicle without collapsing. However, not all automakers abide by this. When a vehicle rollover occurs and results in roof crush, it not only increases the risk of severe trauma such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage, it reduces the survivability space inside. 

When roof crush occurs in a vehicle, the manufacturer can be liable for accident injuries or fatalities, again through filing a product liability claim. An injury lawyer can help the injured party obtain fair compensation, which is vitally important when the resulting trauma is expected to go on into the future or resulted in permanent disability. 

Lack of Road Maintenance as the Cause of a Vehicle Rollover

Problems with roads can cause a vehicle rollover. These problems may range from potholes and poor lighting to upheavals or fissures in the pavement or weak guardrails. In addition, poor design can lead to a vehicle rollover such as in a curve that is too sharp to safely drive around without losing control. 

When injuries or fatalities occur due to poor design of a road or the lack of maintenance, the government entity in charge may be held liable for damages. Because the time in which an injured party can file a government claim is much shorter than for other personal injuries, getting help from a lawyer may be a good move. Otherwise, if the statute of limitation expires, the case will not be heard in court. 

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