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Sacramento Single-Vehicle Crash Near Airport Causes Major Injuries

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September 02, 2022
Edward Smith

Vehicle Rollover Reported on Metro Air Parkway in Single-Vehicle Crash

A single-vehicle crash near the Sacramento Airport caused a major injury to one person on September 1. The collision occurred at Metro Air Parkway and Skyking Road shortly after noon. The incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said a Honda sedan had struck a curb and tree and overturned. Although medics with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess injuries, the person who suffered a significant injury was self-transported by their parents to a hospital. A tow truck removed the vehicle from the scene. The CHP is determining how the accident happened.

Why a Single-Vehicle Crash Occurs

The majority of accidents involving a single vehicle are caused by driver error. The most common types of negligence involved in these collisions include speeding, distracted or drunk driving or fatigue. However, there are times when the driver was not at fault, and if an outside influence causes a single-vehicle crash with injuries, they may be able to recover compensation.

Poor Roadway Maintenance Can Lead to a Single-Vehicle Crash

Areas where maintenance is poor such as the presence of potholes, upheaved pavement, crumbling shoulders and missing or obscured signage, can cause a single-vehicle crash. The injured party can hold the government entity responsible for the lack of maintenance liable for their trauma. It should be noted though that someone who has been injured because of government entity negligence has only six months in which to file a claim. 

If the claim is filed late, the court will refuse to hear it. An accident attorney can assist by meeting the deadlines and negotiating the settlement on the injured party’s behalf to try and get them maximum compensation.

Defective Auto Parts Cause Some Accidents

When any number of parts in an automobile are defective, they can cause a potentially serious single-vehicle crash. For example, brakes that fail because faulty calipers crack or they become overheated due to improper manufacturing can cause a dangerous accident. Other problems that can cause a single-vehicle crash include defective tires, accelerator, steering column or a defect in the motor itself. 

When an accident involving a solo vehicle happens, retaining the car is essential so that it can be checked for defects. If one is found, the auto manufacturer and others in the production line may be held financially liable by filing a product liability claim. In California, negligence doesn’t have to be proven, only that the product was unaltered and used as intended.

Determining the Cause of an Accident

An accident attorney’s job is to discover what negligent action caused your collision, collect the evidence against the at-fault party and calculate the damages that you can recover by filing a personal injury claim. Recoverable damages can include:

  • The injured party can recover all of the medical costs caused by their single-vehicle crash, including future care if needed.
  • Wages that were lost by the injured party because they were unable to work are recoverable, including future losses if they cannot work.
  • Pain and suffering can be recovered as well as compensation for the psychological and emotional trauma they endured.

Sacramento Accident Attorneys

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