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Sacramento Semi-Truck Crash Investigated

Accident in Foothill Farms Area May Have Been Caused by Impaired Driver

A semi-truck crash with a motor vehicle in Sacramento on February 24 may have involved impaired driving. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) at around 3:30 p.m. along northbound Roseville Road at its intersection with Gold Run Avenue in the Foothill Farms area. It occurred between a white semi-truck and a Toyota Rav4. 

Investigation Into Semi-Truck Crash

When officers arrived at the scene, both vehicles were discovered on the right-hand side, and the Toyota exhibited damage. A caller to the police said that they thought the Toyota driver might have been under the influence, and Valley Toxicology was called to administer a test to determine the motorist’s BAC level. It is unknown whether any injuries were reported in the collision. It is currently under investigation by authorities to determine how the accident happened.

The Complexity of a Semi-Truck Crash

In the above semi-truck crash, the driver of the smaller vehicle may have caused the collision. However, accidents involving big rigs do happen, and severe injuries or fatalities are often the result. There is greater complexity to truck accident claims compared to passenger car collisions. In addition to receiving legal assistance, a lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company or file a lawsuit if necessary. In this way, the injured party can obtain the compensation they deserve.

Accident Types Involving Big Bigs

The large size and lack of maneuverability of big rigs can cause a semi-truck crash. The following are examples of semi-truck accidents:

  • Underride and override accidents: A semi rides higher than a passenger vehicle. A speeding truck driver can run over a smaller vehicle and cause serious trauma or fatalities. If the truck stops suddenly or the trailer swings sideways, a smaller vehicle can end up underneath.
  • Poorly packed cargo: An overloaded or unbalanced trailer may suddenly shift, causing the truck to roll over, the driver to lose control or even a jackknife collision with another vehicle. 
  • Blind spots: Blind spots on tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles are large and wide. Large trucks have blind spots in the front and rear, so when another vehicle is too close the driver can’t see it. Blind spots are much bigger on semi-trailers and tankers. The driver of the truck might not realize there is another vehicle next to them when he starts changing lanes. This can lead to a serious accident.
  • Rollover truck accidents: Speeding is the usual cause of almost half of the rollovers involving a tractor-trailer. Because the center of gravity of a big rig is often higher, going around a curve too fast, having to make an emergency maneuver, a tire blowout and other causes can result in a rollover if the driver is speeding.
  • Tractor-trailer jackknifing accidents: These collisions happen when the tractor pulling the trailer is traveling at a slower speed. Due to this, the trailer slides to one side, like a jackknife. Accidents of this kind can be caused by failure to use the correct brakes, going down a hill too quickly, speeding and adverse weather conditions.

Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer

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