Sacramento Rollover Crash May Involve Speeder

Accident in Rental Car on the Cap City Freeway

A rollover crash on July 30 injured two people from Palm Springs when their rented vehicle was reportedly struck by a street racer. The vehicle allegedly clipped theirs as it was going about 100 mph along the Capital City Freeway, causing their car to flip numerous times after crashing through a fence. The airbags in the vehicle deployed, but their car ended up on its roof on Auburn Boulevard, close to Howe Avenue, jamming the doors. 

Two People Injured in Rollover Crash

A passerby stopped and broke the window on the vehicle, so the two people inside could get out of the rolled-over car. The two people inside, Charles Rosenberg and Liam Goff, were on their way to the California State Fair where they were holding a fundraiser for the LGBT Center. They said that they suffered severe bruising and numerous lacerations as a result of the accident involving the street racer and that emergency responders took nearly 20 minutes to get to them. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was contacted by one of the news agencies about the accident, but a response had not been received by the time the collision was reported. 

Dangers of a Rollover

While a rollover can happen in any vehicle under the right circumstances, they most often occur in SUVs, vans and light trucks. This is because these types of vehicles have a higher center of gravity. A rollover itself is dangerous because seat belts may break and airbags deflate quickly, which exposes those inside to further injuries or can cause them to be ejected from the vehicle.

Roof Crush in a Rollover Crash

One of the dangers of a rollover is roof crush, which occurs when the top of a vehicle caves in on the occupants inside. Even though auto manufacturers have certain standards to abide by relating to roof strength, not all of them comply. If roof crush occurs in an accident, the manufacturer can be held responsible by filing a product liability claim. This makes it important to retain the vehicle following a collision so that it can be examined for signs of roof crush.

Using Insurance to Pay for Your Accident Injuries

When Californians elect to take auto insurance initially, they are always offered the option of taking an add-on policy for uninsured/underinsured drivers. This policy can be used to pay for medical expenses if an accident occurs, even if the rollover crash is caused by a hit-and-run and the driver cannot be located. However, this type of insurance usually doesn’t cover damage to rental cars. If the motorist does not have this policy and another family member does, their policy can be used. It will not affect future rates. 

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