Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse

Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse

Sacramento nursing home abuse

Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse – A Sacramento nursing home abuse case ended in a fine of $10,000 due to the lack of care for one of its residents. According to Nick Alexander, the stepson of the deceased man, identified as 76-year-old Alan Nelson, the family had repeatedly requested that alarms be placed on the man’s bed and his wheelchair because he had fallen numerous times. Four hours after Alexander’s visit on August 28, 2016, his stepfather suffered another fall, resulting in serious injuries, and died a few weeks later from bleeding to the brain and fractures to his skull and nose.

Fall in a Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse Case

According to a report, Nelson had fallen 24 times in one year. Alexander said, at his latest visit, he had been reassured by the director of Carlton Senior Living, which is located on Fulton Avenue, that the alarms would be immediately placed. Nelson’s physician had written a prescription for the alarms to be added to help reduce the likelihood that the elderly man would fall.

A Complaint in Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse Case

In response to Nelson’s death, Alexander and another relative decided to file a complaint on the state level. The state found that Nelson had fallen 21 times where the falls were unwitnessed. On three other occasions, the falls had been witnessed. These falls had occurred within 12 months. According to Alexander, the family had not been notified of some of the falls and had only learned of them through the state’s report. The California Department of Social Services, which conducted the investigation, said that the facility had been negligent in not providing the necessary and proper supervision and care. This, in turn, led to the numerous falls and injuries in this Sacramento nursing home abuse case.

Care Facility Has Received Numerous Citations

The care facility did not comment on the results of the investigation. Carlton Senior Living, which was formerly called Carlton Crown Plaza, has a record of nine citations that are Type A, which are issued for the most serious of violations that place the person’s life in imminent jeopardy. Examples are access to chemicals that are dangerous, inadequate fire clearance in the nursing home and inadequate supervision of care. They have also received ten citations that are Type B, which impacts a resident’s safety, health or rights and could be the cause of danger if not corrected. This type includes inadequate medical records and lack of training for staff members. Most of the citations were issued because of investigations following complaints of Sacramento nursing home abuse.

Types of Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse

There are different types of Sacramento nursing home abuse and neglect. Some are obvious and others are more inconspicuous. The four types are:

  • Hygiene Neglect: This type of neglect is due to inadequate care when it comes to personal hygiene such as bathing and brushing teeth or care for dentures and providing clean laundry and bed linens.
  • Social and emotional abuse: This type of neglect involves leaving the person alone for long stretches, ignoring them or being overly criticized by staff.
  • Medical neglect: This form of Sacramento nursing home abuse is seen when the staff does not provide preventive measures as well as attention and medication for a wide variety of problems ranging from overseeing reactions to medication, treating bed sores and diabetes to preventing falls and caring for injuries.
  • Basic needs: Everyone has a right to decent food, safe water, and a clean living space. When this is not provided, it is a type of Sacramento nursing home abuse.

Signs of Abuse

There are things a family can do in the prevention and detection of Sacramento nursing home abuse. These are:

Watch YouTube Video: Recognizing & Responding to Elder Abuse in Residential Care Setting 1. This video provides training on how to recognize and respond to elder abuse.

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