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Sacramento Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Sacramento Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Sacramento Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Sacramento Motorcycle Lane Splitting – As local residents know, motorcycle lane splitting in Sacramento is legal, as it is throughout the rest of California. Since lane splitting has been around for about two years, safety guidelines have been issued by the California Highway Patrol that can help both motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers to make the roads safer for everyone.

Driver Responsibility in Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Drivers on the roadways have responsibilities toward motorcyclists who are sharing the roads. Drivers who are in the fast lane should move over when a motorcyclist nears to allow him or her room to pass. In addition, it is against the law to impede motorcyclists or try to block them. This includes opening a door of the vehicle.

Responsibilities of a Motorcyclist When Lane Splitting

There is always a risk of a collision with a vehicle when a motorcyclist is lane splitting. However, accidents can be minimized by doing the following:

  • Do not ride a motorcycle on the shoulder. This is not lane splitting and is illegal.
  • Do not lane split when passing large vehicles such as buses, trucks, and motorhomes. The air draft from larger vehicles can unbalance a motorcycle. In addition, the drivers of these large vehicles may not see you.
  • Don’t drive at a much faster speed than the rest of traffic. This increases the risk of an accident.
  • Consider the road you are traveling on before deciding to lane split. The size of the surrounding vehicles, road condition, lighting, and the weather should be taken into consideration. The lane’s width is also important since a collision is more likely to happen on narrow lanes than wider ones.
  • Generally, it is safer to lane split on the lanes to the far left than on others.

Background of Motorcycle Lane Splitting

The legislation was passed in the state to allow motorcyclists to ride between the lanes of traffic on both public roads and on freeways and went into effect in January 2017. The legislation also said that safety tips about lane splitting could be issued by the CHP. Hopefully, the information will help to clear up any confusion on the subject and increase the amount of safety for drivers and motorcycle riders alike. In addition, the California Motorcyclist Safety Program offers valuable information about lane splitting.

Other Measures to Avoid a Motorcycle Lane Splitting Crash

There are additional measures that a motorcyclist can take to avoid being in a collision while lane splitting. These include:

  • Wear protective gear such as a jacket with built-in airbags, gloves and heavy boots.
  • Ensure that your helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation. If you have been in an accident wearing that helmet, it is advised by experts to purchase a new one. This can help avoid the risk of traumatic injuries.
  • Be more visible to others on the road. Wear clothing in bright colors that make you more noticeable.
  • Use high beams at all times on the road. 
  • Use reflective clothing or tape to make yourself more visible.
  • Do not pace motor vehicles in the driver’s blind spot or linger while passing.
  • Never ride a motorcycle while you have been drinking. Drunk driving is a major cause of accidents among motorcycle riders and other motorists.
  • Avoid distractions while riding. Distractions are a major cause of collisions.
  • Take a motorcycle safety course. These courses teach riders how to react in emergency situations. This can avoid a dangerous spill or accident while motorcycle lane splitting.

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Sacramento Motorcycle Lane Splitting:

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