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Sacramento Motorcycle Crash Injures Rider in Collision With Sedan

Hillsdale Boulevard Intersection Causes Injuries in Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle crash happened in Sacramento on August 31 that injured the rider. The police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the accident occurred just before 3:00 in the afternoon at Hillsdale Boulevard and Tacomic Drive in the Foothill Farms area. The incident report said the collision happened when the motorcycle was clipped by a green sedan. 

Police Investigating to Determine Cause of Two-Vehicle Crash

The accident blocked both lanes of traffic. Medics with the Sacramento Fire Department assessed the rider’s injuries, and that patient was transported to a nearby hospital for more treatment and evaluation. The name of the injured party has not yet been released. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to discover how it occurred and to place fault.

Traffic Collisions Involving Motorcycles

When a motorcycle crashes with a passenger vehicle or truck, injuries to the rider are common. Although the rider is at fault in some cases, the drivers of passenger vehicles cause many motorcycle accidents. In 2018, 7 percent of all crashes involving motorcyclists and motor vehicles were rear-end collisions. When the rider’s bike is clipped or struck in the rear, one of the following is the usual reason:

  • When a traffic slowdown or stoppage occurs, a motorcyclist can get struck from behind by another vehicle. This often happens if another motorist is distracted and not paying sufficient attention or is speeding and cannot stop in time to prevent a motorcycle crash.
  • A driver changes lanes without looking for a motorcyclist beside them, causing a motorcycle crash. This is especially important in California, where lane-splitting is allowed.
  • Turning right at an intersection, the motorist fails to spot a motorcyclist ahead of them.
  • A speeding, intoxicated, fatigued, or distracted driver fails to stop at an intersection and causes a motorcycle crash.
  • A motorcycle crash can occur on hills or along curves when a driver traveling at a much higher speed comes across a slower motorcyclist and can’t avoid an accident.

Actions That a Motorist Can Take to Avoid a Motorcycle Crash

There are many ways a motorist can make the roads safer for motorcyclists. This can help reduce the number of motorist and motorcycle crashes and make the roads safer for everyone. Suggestions include:

  • Use caution when passing. Even a gust of wind at the wrong time can make a motorcycle unstable. If you’re passing, use your signal and allow plenty of space before returning to the lane.
  • Remember to check your blind spots. Since a motorcycle has a much smaller profile than a passenger vehicle, you don’t want to miss spotting one in the next lane.
  • Remember that motorcycles are harder to spot in inclement weather. Although many riders choose to just stay home, not all of them have that option, so keep a close eye out.
  • Motorcycles react more quickly than passenger vehicles. Because of this, it is important to maintain a safe distance behind a rider to avoid a motorcycle crash. Otherwise, it could end up causing a rear-end motorcycle crash where the rider is ejected.
  • After dark, turn off your high beams if you see a motorcycle approaching you.
  • Be extra cautious at intersections. Not only motorcycle riders but bicyclists and pedestrians share the roadway.
  • Before turning left or crossing a lane, double-check for a motorcycle coming toward you. This is the most common cause of a motorcycle crash with a passenger vehicle.

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